We are sure that you are confused to decide what foods you will serve. The best option is served interactive catering food stations. You will get interactive foods, which will make your guests drooling.

The catering will serve everything you want. You can please your guest by serving interactive foods. They are easy to eat and everyone must love it.

Top Food bar Catering for Interactive Wedding Theme

You can interest your guests by providing interactive foods. Serve a food that everyone to try it. They are in this article.

Pasta Station for Best Italian Wedding Theme

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You can stick in Italian theme in your food station ideas for parties. It is the staple food of traditional Italian cuisine. Everyone knows how delicious the pasta is.

You can serve various pasta types, sauces, meats and others toppings. We can give you a guarantee. Your guests will love pasta at your wedding.

It is a simple but delicious dish. You can serve them in unique packaging. Put them in one mouthful spoon.

It will make your guests easier to eat the pasta. They can take whatever pasta they like. Another option in serving them is let your guests make their own.

The variants are fettuccine carbonara, Spaghetti, Macaroni, Macaroni Schotel, and Penne. Let your guests choose their favorite pasta with the sauce they like. You can provide a chef who will serve the pasta.

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Ice Cream Wedding Food Everyone Must Like

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Do you like ice cream? We are sure that everyone must like ice cream. The old, young, woman and man like ice cream.

You can please your guests by serving the ice cream for food stations for a cocktail party. The sweetness of the ice cream can make a better mood. They will feel happy to eat them.

You can let your guests make their own favorite ice cream. Serve them with a variety of flavors. Chocolate is one of the most favorite flavors for everyone.

You can provide strawberry, grape, and vanilla. Green tea, Taro, and Red Velvet are new trends of ice cream. Every guest will please to eat them.

You can serve them in cone or cup. Let your guests take their favorite ice cream. Provide them with various toppings. They are fruits, syrup, sprinkles, biscuits, and candy.

Salad Bar for Healthy Wedding Food Bars

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Serving salad in your interactive food stations is a good choice. You might have other menus in your reception. They are various kinds of foods.

Best salads to Serve

Start from the sweet, sour, hot, and spicy foods. They might be not good for your guests’ health. Serving salad is a good choice.

You can make your guests feel fresh and healthy. Serve them with many choices of the salad. Someone may like fruits or vegetables in their salad.

Give them a variety of salad. You can provide roasted veggie or fresh veggie. They are fruits salad.

You can provide them in one bowl. The other option is let your guests make their own favorite. Provide them with various sliced fruits or vegetables.

Let them create their own salad. The others salad is taco salad, chicken salad or kale salad. They can please your guests who do not like fruits or vegetables on their plate.

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You can serve interactive catering food stations at your reception. Your guests will love everything that you serve. Interactive foods will increase their appetite.


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