Hold your wedding in the cheap cost. This time, we will present the inexpensive Wedding Venues in CT. Connecticut offers the incredible venues for better nuance. This situation can make your wedding appealing. Now, you can host your reception and ceremony in the affordable price. Think of the wedding theme providing elegance and sophistication.

Somebody will create his or her wedding day for better nuance. You may see how wonderful in the appealing situation. Connecticut can enhance the rustic to modern wedding styles. You may not need to confuse of marrying in this city. Now, let see the lists of the affordable wedding venues in Connecticut.

Best Cheap Wedding Venues for Appealing Wedding in CT

Now, we are going to present the cheap wedding venues for an appealing wedding in Connecticut. You can host your indoor or outdoor wedding for a special moment. The places are available for large or small wedding venues in CT.

Exquisite Georgina ballroom for Great Banquets

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The Georgina’s Banquets come with the exquisite and elegant setting. This is on the high reputation of a restaurant in Connecticut. You can set the indoor wedding in this 5-star restaurant. The banquet wedding style will be great with the magical outdoor backdrop. You may get the wedding package including the cocktails for pre-reception and special menus.

You can rent this wedding restaurant hall for up to 276 guests. The rental venue cost is affordable. You may not need to pay the rental fee of the venue. However, it must get the wedding package at $7,400 available for 100 guests.

Warm Wedding Nuance at Wadsworth Mansion, Long Hill Estate

The Wadsworth Mansion location is at the Long Hill Estate. This mansion offers the dedication for wedding venues. It brings the manicured grounds with an expansive terrace.

The perfect setting offers your wedding dream with full of natural landscape and backdrop. You have pleasure for celebrating your wedding with special cocktails, ceremonies, and dancing.

Lavish Outdoor Wedding Venues at Tarrywile Park

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Your wedding should be lavish in the lush outdoor area. The Tarrywile Park offers the Connecticut situation. You can set your wedding with the lush greenery as the backdrop. This venue brings the formal or traditional wedding blend with elegance.

This natural outdoor venue combines with the glimpse of the lush mansion. It completes with the gazebo and unforgettable space for a vintage wedding. It is perfect for rustic wedding venues in CT.

Society Room of Hartford: When the Elegance Meets Luxury

That is a classic style. The Hartford Society Room offers the unforgettable and dramatic backdrop. The limestone, brass, marble, and the bronze accents really adorn this room.

It provides the staircase flowing down on that 3.000 square feet area of the balcony. This situation displays the grandest and greatest entrance.

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Every couple can obtain the full amenities and details of a wedding in this Society Room. They are the indoor and reception area with bridal suites. The handicap accessible and liability insurance is available to gain.

Nautical Wedding Theme at Maritime Aquarium, Norwalk

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It never ends talking about wedding venue in Connecticut. The Maritime Aquarium, Norwalk is a real retreat of the aquatic theme.

This place will serve the real blends of romance and aquatic nautical style. The place tends to be a private wedding venue with lifetime vows. Every couple can get the gorgeous backdrop of the marine life exhibitions.

This venue has a grand intimacy mixing the entertainment during the cocktail hours. The architecture design inside the Maritime Aquarium features beautiful nautical theme.

It gives expansive hall for a wedding with 250 guests. This area is for rent at $3,815. You may love the unique wedding venues in CT in this area.

Unique Wedding Venue at Marquee Events

Do you know about the Marquee Events in the Hartford, CT? This Marquee Event features the real ballroom of Gershon Fox style.

You can rent this fabulous ballroom for 250 guests. You can book the venues for your wedding depending on the themes. It has some options for holding the event.

Gershon Fox Ballroom

This ballroom has a unique decoration with the crystal chandeliers. This place is available for 250 guests. You can get the dancing area in this fabulous ballroom.

The Atrium

This Atrium is suitable for the ceremony and reception. You can choose the Atrium that has great decorations. The marble floor for the dance floor and unique architecture offer the space for 400 guests.

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The Mezzanine

This Mezzanine is another optional venue to have in this Marquee Events. This place offers smaller wedding venue for ceremony and reception. It can accommodate 100 guests only. You can enjoy this place with the plush sofas and relaxing chairs. You can find this area to be the cheap wedding packages in CT.

Bank Street Events: Another Venue for Satisfaction

Do you want to get another space for retreat and satisfaction? The Bank Street Events can be the best choice. This is a bank building in 1913 with unique and antique architecture in Stamford, CT. The building offers the stunning atmosphere and class entry. The elegant ambiance can be up in that conspicuous location.

You can get this building in the center of the city. It refers to the historic building with a unique venue for a wedding. You can remind the classic and unique backdrop.

This area can hold your reception and ceremony for up to 180 guests. To rent this venue, you must spend the cost for a wedding package. It is around $13,762 to $23,231 for 100 people.

Optional Wedding Venue at Farmington Gardens

Some people may prefer to choose Farmington Gardens for their wedding. This garden offers three optional wedding venues. You can select them depending on your wedding guests and theme.

The Main Room

This main room can be available for 100 to 342 guests. It is common for the banquet wedding setting. You can get the dance floor in the airy space with neutral colors to be the backdrop.

The Greenhouse

This Greenhouse features the intimate wedding venue with glass wall decoration. This venue is perfect for the smaller events and cocktail hours. You can choose this with full cherry bar, copper top, and welcoming amenity.

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The Grounds

Do you need romantic wedding offering inexpensive outdoor wedding venues in CT? The Grounds become the first option in the Farmington Gardens. This place offers a romantic setting for the outdoor photo and ceremony. You can get the curve patio leading to the emerald lawn.

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Now, you may not worry to host your wedding. Connecticut offers so many ideas of the wedding venues. They are the Inexpensive Wedding Venues in CT that can bring sophistication.


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