Do you look for an inexpensive outdoor wedding venue? The venue is one of the parts of the wedding event. You can save a lot of money by choosing an appropriate venue.

It is one of the biggest parts of your budget. Read this article about affordable outdoor wedding venue. You can save your money.

Most Affordable Outdoor Venues for Breathtaking Wedding

We will show you some places in this world. They have breathtaking nuance for the outdoor wedding. You should read this article.

Lovely Sunshine Mountain Lodge in Allenspark, Colo

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Sunshine Mountain Lodge is perfect inexpensive wedding locations to save your money. You may have this perfect place for a complete DIY wedding.

Access and Availability

You can have a lovely ceremony and reception in this place. This place offers the access to all their amenities.

Your guest can stay the night in this lodge. You can cook some meals too after the party.

Rental Fee and Capacity

The rental fee is $900. It is for 30 guests to celebrate and stay the night in this venue.

You just need $2,000. You will a blast with your friends and family.

The Mariners’ Museum Courtyard

The location of Mariners’ Courtyard is in Newport News, VA. It is an award-winning museum. This place sets on a 550-acre park.

It is one of the beautiful places in the country. This is near many other historic locations. It is near Norfolk VA and Colonial Williamsburg.

The place has several different spots for organizing your wedding event. This least expensive venue is in the courtyard. For Saturday evening, you can pay $1,800.

The best part is you take part in preserving significant history. You will get a unique venue for your special wedding day here.

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Piedmont Community Hall

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The location of Piedmont Community Hall is in Piedmont, Northern California. It makes a low budget wedding venues in Bay Area.

You will get a hefty discount. It is available for wedding event on Friday or Sunday.

This is available for a wedding event in the off-season. You will get discount in some certain months. The local Piedmont residents will get a discount.

You can rent the outdoor plaza or Tea House. The rent fee ranges from $400 to $700.

South Park Country Club

The location of South Park Country Club is in the center of Kentucky, USA. This venue is a cozy and luxurious wedding venue. It has a garden with its gazebo.

This place can accommodate 150 up to 500 guests. It is least expensive and it is luxurious. The rental fee ranges from $500 to $1,000. You can rent the venue for a full day.

It provides catering and alcohol for your wedding event. It has professional staff who will manage your event.

Mandarin Community Club

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It is a perfect venue for arranging your wedding day. It offers a unique and welcome setting. Oak trees and charming building decorate the outdoor venue.

The outdoor venue can accommodate up to 115 guests. You can arrange an outdoor event in the Gazebo. These cheap outdoor wedding venues near me are great.

The rental fee ranges from $175 to $650. It is for ceremony and reception venues. It includes 16 hours of event time.

The estimation of wedding cost is between $4,193 and $6,420. It is a package for 100 guests.

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Be sure to decide the best your wedding venue. Inexpensive outdoor wedding venue can save your wedding’s budget.


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