The Indian wedding buffet menu list is the best offer. Menus for a wedding reception are essential. There is no wedding without a plethora of enjoyable foods and satisfied guests.

India is popular with the numbers of delightful foods. It has a massive spread of food and other festivities. This inspires us to provide several foods of Indian weddings.

We are sure it is an amazing offer and we never compromise. Here we have a list of the best dish for the best wedding. You should read this full article.

Top Delicious Indian Menus for Wedding Buffets

You may have many choices of menus to serve your guests for your wedding. Here, we mention some delicious foods from India as your alternatives. The wedding buffet menu ideas are here.

Zafrani Pulao

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It is time for rice! This food is good as a starter to fill your guest’s plate. This noted dish is essential for every Indian wedding.

You can have a fragrant recipe blended with traditional ingredients. You can taste perfect blend of Dry fruits, Milk, Saffron, and delicious things. It is sure your guests will love this.

Pasta Primavera

This food may suit for people across all ages. It is original from Canada. The main ingredients consist of Pasta and freshly sliced vegetables. You may serve in a pot jam with the salt water.

We can garnish it with Garlic, Olive Oil, and Shred Cheese. You will win your guests with the dish.

Onion Kulcha

This cliche and simple recipe is good ideas. You can add delicious Onions and mint stuffing to aromatize it. It is a champion of hearts.

This food serves at night people choose to have some Roti items.

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Aesar Salad

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This classy salad serves with Romaine Lettuce and Croutons. It mixes the Lemon Juice and Black Pepper Cheese. There will be Anchovies, Olive Oil, Garlic, and Vinegar Sauce.

This food will be mouthwatering for healthy. It becomes necessary in a wedding with heavy dishes. You can provide these wedding reception buffet menu.

Butter Chicken

The chicken will never end! A Chicken piece is a need in a marriage. This chicken menu is the best. They cook it in Tandoor with simple Curry and Butter.

Many compositions and ingredients are to marinate the chicken. The spices include Cumin, Asafetida, Cinnamon, etc. there is a cream as garnish. You can find a cashew sauce and the other garnish.

Amba Khatta

Let us try some Chutney. This dish comes from Oriya kitchenette. It is mouthwatering of mango tangy chutney.

This taste is subtle and exactly spicy. Sure, it will delight your guests ‘palate. Grapes can replace the mango. We flutter your guests are going to love this dishes.

Fruit Kesari

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Dessert is delicacy. You may serve this one as dessert. The ingredients of wedding reception menus for the buffet are:

Basic Ingredients

The basic ingredients are fruits, rava, and dry fruits. Fruit Kesari comes from the South Indian form of Sooji-ka-Halwa.

It is one of the two important puddings. We are sure it is the most lovable vegetarian dish.

This is really healthy and expressive in taste. Pick it as one of your menus wedding. You and your guests will love it.

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You may find the best Indian wedding menu. We hope you can select some of the alternatives of Indian wedding buffet menu list above. It will be helpful.


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