Ceiling draping is important for the wedding reception decoration. It makes the venue of the wedding more beautiful with the unique ceiling. Therefore, this article will explore the ideas on how to make ceiling draping for weddings.

Ceiling draping for weddings needs to apply mostly in the indoor venue. However, the outdoor is sometimes to do so. It depends on the venue that you use.

The ideas of making ceiling draping are various. It is the most creative and stunning.  It has the different cost based on the concept and the tools.

Stunning Ideas to Make Ceiling Draping For Weddings

how to make a ceiling drape for a wedding
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You may know how to make a ceiling drape for a wedding. This article will explore some of them, which are stunning to apply.

You may select the interesting, eye-catching or the glamour decoration for ceiling draping. Those depend on your needs and wants.

You must read this article to have some inspirations on making ceiling draping for weddings. You might share to your best friend who wants to have a wedding too. It will be worth!

Here are the lists of interesting ideas to make ceiling draping for weddings. Please be careful.  It will be the hard choice to skip the article.

Light or No Lighting Ceiling Draping

You can make this idea for your choice on your wedding. It has lighting or no lighting. The ceiling draping will use some fabrics namely satin, shimmer, organza, and gosammer.

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Stunning with Lighting Decor

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You can decorate this ceiling draping idea by having lighting especially for the evening wedding. The lighting will create the stunning ceiling draping.

No Lighting for Ceiling Draping

For no-lighting ceiling draping, you may use some candles or many small lighting to make it more romantic. This kind of ceiling draping techniques can create simplicity.

Having Ribbon-decorated ceiling draping

The wedding concept may consider using the ribbon for creating ceiling draping. It makes the ceiling draping more colorful and cheerful.

We can combine with the lighting or other accessories. You must consider the color of the ribbon based on the other equipment in the venue.

Having a garden ceiling draping

It will be the most beautiful and elegant for having flowers, leaves or other floral decorations. It is more natural and cool. You can decorate it by combining the flower, lighting And maybe some branches of trees.

Having hangings for Ceiling Draping

The other around about the ceiling draping decoration is having hangings. You may consider thinking about these ideas because it will be more attractive. It will use some re-used jars, bottles for flower, lighting and maybe stone.

This setting will be preferable. The use of hangings means you apply the DIY concept. It will be cheaper for the cost and you bring the vintage atmosphere in the venue.

Having the Hangings Crystals Ceiling for Luxurious Wedding

This idea will inspire you to make the hangings crystals ceiling drapes. It shows that your wedding is so luxurious and perfect.

Having Star Paper Lantern Ceiling Draping

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For you who are interested in an inexpensive wedding, it will be a good choice. It offers very cheap cost to create this idea for the ceiling.

You only need to make the star from the paper and you can do the DIY. To make it more beautiful you can combine with the small lighting. You may get ceiling drapes for weddings rental.

Having Stunning Pom-Pom Ceiling Draping

Pom-pom from the paper and you can do DIY is the most preferable. It will not spend much money because you can make it using papers.

You can make it by combining with the big and little pom-pom. However, you have to consider the color.

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The lists of on how to make ceiling draping for weddings serves you some choices. You may consider those lists to have an idea of making ceiling draping for the wedding. Be selective, and consider the budget and your needs.


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