The fabric is the most favorite wall coating for almost any room in the house. Some historic house has a velvet-coated wall, while the other one has linen. In this article, we will explain about fabric how to drape your walls with fabric, and measure fabric for wall coating

The fabric is polished cotton. It works very well for tenting, powder rooms, fancy bathrooms, and bedrooms. In the kitchen, we cannot use the fabric. They are a fire hazard Mostly, in the living room or other public areas.

Draping Wall for Attractive Decorations

Draping wall is easy. It will make your wedding attractive. You should know how to drape fabric for a wedding reception.

Finding the Best Fabric Draping

how to drape fabric for a wedding reception
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Fabrics are mounted on a backing material, which makes them easier to apply. Speculate having fabric treated with a protective covering which makes it easier to maintain. The most favorite fabric for walls is linen, velvet, silk, cotton chintz, and cotton corduroy.

The place where fabrics used in the bedroom are often gathered at the top and bottom on curtain rods. They are associated with the wall.

The size of the standards drapery fabric come in 45-inch long. Before drape the walls using the fabric, the first thing you have to do is measure fabric for wall coating. Please follow these steps.

Set the widths number by taking a full 15 or 54-inch wide piece in the wall center. Adding widths to either side is to coat the wall. Remove 1 inch from every side to allow for cutting away selvage and room for a5 or 8-inch junction.

Measure the height of the wall and convert them, which figure into yards.

Multiple the widths number with the number of yards for total yardage needed to coat your wall.

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How to Drape Your Walls with Tulle Fabric

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You should know the steps in draping the wall. It will encourage the results of the wall draping.

Measure using a tape measure

The first step that you have to do is measuring the room using a tape measure. The part that you need to measure is the distance from the ceiling, you want to coat, the width of the ceiling, and the last is the height of the wall. You should know how to drape fabric in a tent and indoor places.

Cutting tulle fabric

Then cut a piece of the tulle fabric using scissors. So, it is adequate the ceiling and down the wall. Add 6 to 8 feet in length to your measurements. You could find the bulk of tulle fabric at a large craft store

Assigning the Fabric

Climb a ladder to reach the center of the ceiling, and then assign 4-inch long foam adhesive strips along the center of the line.

Repeat to assign a long trail of foam adhesive along the edges of the ceiling.

Pressing the Drapes

Press its end of the corresponding of its tulle fabric into the edge of the proper wall. You can continue pressing its tulle across its foam adhesive.

Conceding the tulle fabric

how to drape fabric for a wedding
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Conceding tulle fabrics for draping down is a necessity for 3 feet. Then, press the end of the draped onto the foam adhesive strips at the ceiling centerline. Do you know how to drape fabric for a wedding with this step?

Concede the tulle fabric to drape down other 3 feet. Then, press the end of the second draped onto the foam adhesive at another edge of the wall. Concede the end of tulle fabric to hang willingly down the wall.

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The explanation above has told you a lot of information about how to drape your walls with fabric and measure fabric for wall coating. You can try to apply it.



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