Creating wedding hall ornament is really hefty and intimidating. People need to know about how to drape fabric on walls for a wedding. They must be accurate in making fabric on wedding walls.

Draping fabric on walls for fabric is not an easy thing to do. Couples sometimes yield the job for any wedding organizer. This job can be inexpensively though. You can make a DIY decor with a very low budget for it.

Draping Fabric on Walls for Wedding

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Here, we provide you a view the best fabric for wedding draping. We will mention some things you need to do. Hopefully, it is useful to you. You then know what steps to drape your wedding decoration by a fabric.

Preparing Materials to Drape Wall

Firstly, you must know what materials needed to drape the walls. We should not forget some materials to create fantastic draping. You must have the following stuff:

  • Scissors
  • Tulle drapery
  • Lights
  • Double-sided of tape
  • Floral arrangements

Measure the Height

You need to measure the height. Ensure the exact number from the top of the wall to bottom. Do not forget to make note the measurement.

Unfold a share of tulle bolt

Measure out and add to your note measurement. Scratch the pieces as you need to cover the walls as needed. Do not block any doorways, windows or natural lights.

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Use double-sided adhesive tape

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Use a bit of double-sided adhesive tape to the rear of the tulle. Drape its first piece at a corner as the starting point. You may use the neutral or white draping fabric wedding.

Push firmly on the tape side to stick the drape to the wall. This will make it temporary but will not damage the walls.

Keep doing this alongside the wall

Do not leave any gaps without the piece. Hang manifold pieces on top one of another. You can make a tie with ribbon or flowers in it.

Cluster the layered shards together. Tie them with flowered garlands or ribbon to freshen your decoration colors. Collect the tulle drapes thru curtain tiebacks as you would.

Adding Decorative Accessories

You can add floral corsages. It is used to decor the head stable and the wall behind. Swing and plug in different types of lights around and within the tulle drapes.

It can be a fairy-tale atmosphere for your wedding. You can custom silvery Christmas lights laced on white wire. It looks more beautiful with the sheer fabric wedding draping.

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Another crucial thing is about ceiling draping. To do this, you need a ceiling drapery, plastic tie wraps and curtain clips. A simple and nice draping starts by using the materials.

Use about 150 feet of Iridescent Organza of wedding craft fabric. Cut the 2 of 75 panels. Drape then from one side to the end of the room. Crisscross the craft in the middle to another side of the space.

Shelter each end of the craft fabric with the curtain clips. Use the tie wraps to cover the curtain clip along with the ceiling grid. Leave some space to cut them off then. Do not pull them too tight.

Finish draping the room by slacking some lights or lanterns. Use them that have a battery of operating lights. Turn on the lanterns and the candles together. Turn off the lights of the ceiling. You will see a gorgeous wedding environment surrounds you.

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Above has shown you how to drape fabric on walls for a wedding. Some materials and the steps are available for your alternatives. You should decide and make your own fabric draping wedding then.



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