Finding beautiful wedding venues is a common thing to do. You might have difficulties in covering the wall. Do you know how to drape a wall with fabric?

Maybe the wall is not your style or out of date. The venue is lovely. Those wall clashes with your wedding ambiance.

You might want to decorate your wedding venue beautiful possibly. One solution is covering the wall with the fabrics.

Effective and Simple Draping Walls

how to drape fabric on walls for a wedding
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Covering the wall with drapery is a cost-effective and simple way. This article explains the best way to drape a wall with fabric.

Wall Drapery and Decors for Wedding

Drapers are good decorations to nearly any rooms. You can play with color to decorate your rooms. It is available to use fabrics to be the drapers.

Draping fabrics on the wall can make your rooms more beautiful. Fabrics decoration can add the softness and elegance of the wedding event . You should know how to drape fabric on walls for a wedding.

We can hide unsightly walls to create a beautiful backdrop. You can combine it with lighting, balloons or flowers. We add strands of light and it can create a romantic feel.

You can drape the fabric across head tables in gentle swag. It can create the elegance. This can control noise and temperature inside the rooms.

Best Fabric for Draping

Many methods are available to drape your wall. Many fabrics are suitable for this type of decoration.

Sheer Fabrics for Floating and Lightweight

Sheer fabrics likely tulle or gauze are lightweight and floating. You can cover the windows wall entirely with gauze. The light shines through it.

You can use a variety of fabrics depends on the wedding’s style. Satin, velvet, brocades, damasks can add the luxurious feel. These particulars fabrics tend to be expensive.

Inexpensive Cotton Fabric

The other choice is cotton fabrics. They are often unattractive. You must arrange it carefully for good results.

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How to Drape the Wall Easily

how to drape your walls with fabric
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Wall draping for a wedding might be inexpensive. It can be inexpensive do proper measurement and planning. It is important to know how to drape your walls with fabric.

You create backdrops in a wide range of colors, types, and sizes. The draping fabrics can decorate outdoor and indoor wedding venues. It can cover unsightly walls and create a softer ambiance.

It can separate specific areas, wedding ceremony, bars, walkways and dance floors.

You must cut pieces of the 1-inch diameter of PVC pipe. It is available to adjust the length of the pipe with the wall. You can install large cup hooks along the wall studs.

It must close to the ceiling. You can run the pipe into through the loop of the curtains’ top. Lay it over the cook hops. There are two cook hops between each curtain panel.

They will hold up your new curtains. You can hang the pictures or photo on it.

Full Cover for Draping Wall

The other decoration you may not want to cover the full wall. You can consider using draped fabric along the top of your walls. It is available to install the cup hooks close to the ceiling.

Lay a long piece of fabrics across the cook hops. This pinch the fabric at each cup hooks. The hooks can hold the fabric in right place.

Pull at the bottom of the fabrics in each hook. This will fall in a loose curve.

There are others easy steps to decorate your wedding wall’s venues. You can attach long curtain rods just below the ceiling. Hang curtain panels of your choice.

You can drape the curtains for columns by attaching them with tacks. Alternatively, you can use a staple gun to the top of each column.

how to drape fabric on the wall
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You can wrap the trellis in fabrics. Add flowers or lights to make it more beautiful.

You can string wire from one side of the room to the other. Drape the panels of fabric over it. You can secure the fabric to the walls with tacks or nails.

It is a way to adorn a ceiling in fabrics. You must make sure that the venues you use allow you to apply staples or nails.

This article is about draping the wall easily and attractively. This tutorial shows you an easy way to see how to drape fabric on the wall.

You can add elegance and texture to a wedding reception. The use of fabrics and drapers in the decoration may be important. It can lead the interest and décor of the wedding.

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You may know well how to drape a wall with fabrics. This article showed you the best ideas. You can enhance the inspiration within some images.


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