The wedding reception is one of the memorable moments in your life. It might be very satisfied with making wedding decoration by you.  Knowing the creative ways on how to do wall draping for weddings is important.

It will be proud doing wall draping by DIY instead of relies on from vendors. You can do by looking at some tutorials and be more creative as you need. We are challenging your creativity and saving much money.

You can be easily realizing your wedding with your hand and ideas.  It may be creative in realizing the wedding wall draping by DIY.

How to Set Wall Draping For Weddings

how to make wall drapes for weddings
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To realize the wall draping for weddings, you may do the DIY.  This article will be the inspiration for doing the wall draping for weddings. Please pay attention, or you will lose how to make wall drapes for weddings.

Selecting the Appropriate Fabric

The types of fabrics are various. You need to select the suitable fabric for your draping. The types of fabric will influence the shape of the draping.

You need to be careful in selecting the fabric after you decide the draping types. Here are the types of fabrics that you need to know. They are sheer fabric, Satin, Cotton fabric, velvet, brocades, and damasks.

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Draping in a Wall-to-Wall Way

wall draping for weddings
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This draping way is the unusual one. The draping style can enhance the beauty and perfectness. you may follow these options.

Adding Richness of Draping

You need to add the richness for enhancing the mood. It will be perfect for adding some color without painting the ugly wall.

Easy Ways to Apply

Applying the draping of wall-to-wall is not difficult. The way to do the wall-to-wall draping is by cutting 1-inch of tinny pipe of PVC. The length of the pipe depends on the length of the wall.

Hanging Close to Ceiling

Hang the curtain using some hooks close to the ceiling. You can decorate the curtain by hanging some pictures and flowers. You should know this wall draping for weddings.

Getting Swag Draping

One of the ideas for doing the wall draping is by having a swag draping. The swag draping is often installing on the window, door, and wall. You can use the sheer fabric for the attractive swag draping.

The swag wall draping is putting the swag over the window rod.  Then, secure it with the pushpins and placing it on the underside of the curtain.

The best way of making it is by placing the pins close to the top’s window. It makes the curtain hanging down. You may install the swag draping on each of the rods by a hammer.

The last, please slide the curtain through the swag’s holder and let it hang down loosely.

Wall Hangings Ideas

how to make wedding drapes
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The wall hanging is the best idea for having the beautiful pattern of wall draping. It uses the large and empty area of having a good looking. Do it by installing two-cup hooks suitable for the fabric.

It can add decoration items to hold the fabric. You could use the cord to end of the curtain rod. We may hang it by a cup of the hook to be part of how to make wedding drapes.

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Those ideas on how to do wall draping for weddings is easy to apply. You may use those ideas to look your wedding inexpensive, meaningful, and creative.


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