Decorating the reception space is very necessary. Yeah, draping is gorgeous ways to make wonderful reception space. How to do draping for the weddings will help you to decor your reception space perfectly.

Mindy Weiss, a celebrity event planner uses chandeliers and fabric to create perfect decoration, cozy, and yet intimate. Here, you will know many ideas to drape your reception space.

3 Most Fabulous Draping Decors for Wedding

Draping is one of the nice decorations. Many people decorate their wedding venue with drapery. It can cover and décor the wall, ceiling, and other elements.

Beautiful Wall Draping Wedding Backdrop

how to do wall draping for weddings
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Some materials are important to drape your wall beautifully. You should know how to do wall draping for weddings. The drapes can turn your flat wall to be fabulous.

What You Need

Draping wedding backdrop, you will need some materials. They are:

  • Sheer curtains, 6 packets of two panels
  • Fishing leaders, various size
  • Curtains rods, 3 extension rods

You can buy the rods and two panels about $5.99. Then, for the sheer curtains, it is about $9.99. You have to get the sheer curtains. It is very necessary for draping wedding space.

How to Drape the Wall

The first step, you have to place two curtains and sew them at the top of seams together. You have to remember to avoid sewing at the existing sleeve. Yeah, it is on the rod to go through.

Then, you should take the front panel to feed to the curtain rod. You can put two panels on the first rod. After that, you should put the single panel. At the finishing, you should finish with two panels.

One the two panels, you should collect sash or tie a bow and the front panel. It will make double rod look illusion. It will be beautiful.

The second step, you have to hang the curtain rod. You should hang them with the fishing leaders. Here, you need to drop down the ceiling. Then, you can start piping some ceiling grids.

The third step, you have to wrap the fishing leader over the grid. Then, you can hang the rods. You should need one leader on every middle and end.  they will hang straightly.

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Draping Wedding Ceiling

how to make ceiling draping for weddings
how to make ceiling draping for weddings

The ceiling is another part to drape. Many designs and ornaments can beautify the ceiling. You should know how to make ceiling draping for weddings.

All You Need

Draping wedding ceiling, you will need some materials:

  • Ceiling drapery, iridescent organza
  • Plastic tie wraps
  • Curtain clips, bags of 14

Steps in Draping the Ceiling

Do you want to drape the wedding ceiling by yourself? Yeah, you can do it by yourself. It is not as hard as you see. It is so simple.

The first step, you should use the ceiling drapery. It is about 150 feet long. Then, you have to cut is 2 until 75’ panels. You must drape them in every side of the room.

You need to crisscross the fabric of ceiling drapery in the middle to the certain side in the room. The fabric will really make the wedding place look gorgeous.

The second step, you have to secure every end of the fabric. Here, you will need ceiling grid and curtain clip. You have to leave to cut off them at the end of the wedding. It means you do not pull them strongly.

The third step, you can finish draping the ceiling wedding by hanging some lanterns. Then, you should turn on the lantern; turn off ceiling light, and lit on all candles on the tables. It will be very pretty.

Draping Gazebo Wedding

do ceiling draping for weddings
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The gazebo is the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding. Do you know how to do ceiling draping for weddings for gazebo? You can add the decorative draping.

Materials to Prepare

Draping gazebo wedding, you will need some materials, such as:

  • Organza fabric
  • Lights
  • Ribbon

Following these Steps

The first step, you have to take the fabric. Some kinds of fabric are available to choose. The organza fabric is the best.

You should cover the gazebo with the fabric. You have to spend space on the door of the gazebo. Everyone can enter the gazebo easily.

The second step, for having amazing wedding gazebo, you can add ribbon. It will make the gazebo looks more beautiful.

You can place the ribbons around every one of the columns. It is very useful to hide the gazebo’s plastic ties.

The third step, you have to put some seats and table inside the gazebo.  you have to place them in a good position.

You should give space around the seats.  everyone will be comfortable inside the gazebo.

The fourth step, light is necessary for the gazebo, at night. Actually, the gazebo will be the most romantic place in the wedding.

The light will make the place comfortable and romantic. You must choose the most suitable light for the gazebo.

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These are all information about how to do draping for weddings.  it will really help you to drape your wedding easily and beautifully.


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