Do you want to create the dream Garden court wedding photos Louisville KY? You may realize it. Garden Court in Louisville offers an awesome panoramic view.

The exterior landscape and setting of this garden court will enhance beauty and nature. You can set the perfect outdoor wedding in this area.

The Garden Court in Louisville offers the special outdoor venue. It is in the Rose Garden. The Rose Garden can help create the wonderful wedding setting.

Now, you must know all about the outdoor garden Court. This garden is one of the most favorite wedding venues in Louisville.

Most Favorite Garden Court that Bring Awesome Outdoors

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The outdoor venue in the Garden Court is the most favorite spot for a wedding. Many couples hold their wedding ceremony in this place. They will prefer the Rose garden.

This place offers the open-air area. The roses surround the courtyard. This can be a super beautiful natural backdrop. Some people may know the Garden Court Louisville History.

There are two places of outdoor venues. Those are the most popular spots for a wedding ceremony in Garden Court.

Rose Gardens: Most Breathtaking Outdoor Wedding

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The Rose gardens offer the breathtaking nuance. You can make your outdoor ceremony on this Rose Garden area.

What Makes Special

What does make this place special? These Rose gardens are great for holding the outdoor wedding ceremony.

It will leave the best memories in your guests for the lifetime. This garden has spectacular fountains, beautiful roses, and brick walkways. You can set the epitome of the elegance in the wedding Venue Garden Court Louisville.

The fountains on the ground pound can make the garden livelier. It completes the natural and breathtaking atmosphere. You can use this fountain area to be the backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

The roses are around the yard. You can find many roses in the middle or around the brick walkways. Their appearance makes the garden beautiful.

The brick walkways can give different accents. It makes the ceremony run well. You can have this situation blend perfectly with the green lawn.


The capacity of this garden can accommodate 60 guests. It will be a large wedding venue. This is ideal for you lavish wedding ceremony.

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South Lawn: Lush Outdoor Venues

The South Lawn in the Garden Court is another popular outdoor venue. This venue is full of the lush lawn. You can set the natural backdrop of this place.

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This great outdoor venue can accommodate many people. It is available for 200 – 250 guests. You can enhance the breeze and airy nuance in this South lawn.

The area of Garden Court is actually a kind of smoke-free spot. You should tell it to all people in your wedding. It is like the laws lodge Louisville.

The Garden Court offers the indoor and outdoor venues for the wedding. It can be a perfect spot for planning a wedding. You can choose the indoor or outdoor areas.

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The choice will depend on your theme and budget. The process in the Garden Court is great. You must note the Garden court wedding photos Louisville KY in your planning.


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