Food station is a new trend of wedding foods. You can find various kinds of foods in the stations. You can find fun food stations for weddings.

The fun foods will make your guests be happy. They are pleased to try the foods you serve. You can satisfy them by serving various types, flavors, and colorful foods.

3 Fun Food Bar in Wedding to Lead Good Mood

You might be confused in deciding what menus you will serve. Look at the fun foods for the weddings below. The good choice of the foods will please your guests.

French Fries Station Simple and Fun Wedding Foods

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French fry is one of simple and fun food stations for weddings. You can serve fresh and hot French fry. It is easy foods.

Everyone knows how delicious French fry is. Everyone will love a simple food. The secret of delectable French fry is in the frying process.

You can serve the French fry in various ways. Original French fry is a perfect choice for who love the original flavor. You can serve those French fry without any seasoning.

Let your guest choose his or her own favorite French fry. Serve them an original one. You can provide ketchup and sauce.

Ask your guests to deepen them in sauce, ketchup, honey mustard, and truffle. Let them take their own. Serve the French fry in a small glass.

Let your guests pour the sauce or ketchup on it. The other option is providing various seasons. You can provide barbeque, chili or cheese powder.

Your guest will love French fry with various flavors. Let them mix the flavors they love. It is a light snack for them.

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Pop Corn Stations Chewy and Crunchy for Crisp Wedding

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Your guest will be popping over to your popcorn station. You can serve chewy and crunchy popcorn. Let your guest see the magic of popping popcorn.

You can serve the ready popcorn or let they cook their own. Put the popcorn in the cup. Let them take their popcorn from the jars.

How to Serve

Serve them with original flavors for the fun food stations for wedding reception. Your guests may like something sweet. The original flavors will please them.

You can provide sweet, salty and savory popcorns. They can eat them with caramel, cheddar, chocolate, and milk. Ask them to be as creative as they want.

They can mix all of the flavors provided. Provide them with colorful and various flavors. the sweet one will increase their mood.

Whiskey Favorite Taste with Cocktail Wedding

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Are you a couple who loves whiskey? You and your loved can serve whiskey at your wedding. The food stations for a wedding will influence the good mood.

You can offer your favorite whiskey-based cocktail at your bar.  They are Old Fashioned, Manhattans, and Boulevardiers. Your guests will love your whiskey.

You can set up a whiskey tasting area at your reception. Place them in your favorite bottles. You can label each bottle.

Serve them with a full glass pouring. Let them fill the glass with their favorite one. Provide ice cubes to cool down the day.

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You can provide fun food stations for weddings. Let the guest have fun with his or her own way. You just need to please them with serving fun foods.


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