There are many options of the Ft Lauderdale Wedding Venues. This Fort Lauderdale presents ballroom, hall, and chapel for an indoor wedding. This place has various options of outdoor venues. They are the garden, winery, park, beachfront, and others.

Everybody can make and arrange their wedding for best concept. The concept of a wedding in Ft Lauderdale will come with modernity, rustic, or different styles. You may find various concepts. It does not need to confuse. You must know the best choice for your wedding. The area can make your wedding prestige.

Most Stunning Wedding Venues in Fort Lauderdale

Follow and read this article. We have some lists of the best wedding venues in Ft Lauderdale. You can make the most astounding wedding venues with scenic views. Some details and elements of elegance are suitable for you. You will get these Fort Lauderdale wedding packages all-inclusive.

Picturesque Ocean Manor Beach Resort Outdoor Wedding

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Ocean Manor Beach Resort has picturesque outdoor venues for the wedding. This resort presents the romantic a serene wedding reception or ceremony. They offer the combination of magnificence and beauty. You will get a wonderful oceanfront wedding in this resort.

Available for 150 guests, this resort can be a reference. You can get the wedding package at $13,274 to $20,728/ 100 guests. This rental venue overlooks the ocean views.

You may set the outdoor wedding with banquet setting. It is also available from wedding ceremony with standing party of chairs.

Bonnet House Museum and Gardens for Fresh Setting

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Do you look for the fresh wedding venues? The Bonnet House Museum and Gardens offer indoor and outdoor setting. The outdoor venue is the masterpiece of this area.

You can find this museum and garden in the Birch Road. This venue blends the romantic and tropical space. They offer the wide lawn for a wedding ceremony with 350 guests.

You can find these memorable Fort Lauderdale party venues. This garden can enhance the natural and fresh situation. This has affordable venue rental. It is $4,200 – $9,000. You may get the special wedding package. It costs $11,680 to $23,632 for 100 guests in the ceremony and reception.

Aqua Reception Hall for Special Day

Host your wedding in the Aqua Reception Hall. This hall has a spacious area for reception and ceremony. It can accommodate 180 guests. This hall offers the elegance and comfort. You can create the romantic wedding in this hall. This is in Miami Florida.

The wedding hall in this place remains the romantic features. It is perfect for a night wedding. The festive beverages and food complete the wedding moment. You can get the decorations. The interior hall presents the open floor area with neutral tones. You can set it for different nuance.

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This area is available for rent. It has o rental fee. You must get the wedding package in this hall. The cost of wedding package starts at $10,700. This is the cost for 100 guests.

Magnificent Riverside Hotel with Spectacular Wedding Setting

Riverside Hotel has some options for wedding venues. It has specific terms of the unique outdoor setting. You can see the blends of nature and spectacular wedding settings.

New River Patio

The couples will exchange the vows on the cobblestone walkway. It leads to the New River Patio; this patio has spectacular views with yacht and palm trees.

Himmarshee Ballroom

This Himmarshee Ballroom is on the 8-floor of this hotel. All guests can overlook the spectacular views from the generous glass windows. This place includes the balcony.

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New River Ballroom

This ballroom is on the 8-floor. You can look the spectacular views. It presents the Fort Lauderdale skyline. You can make the best chance of this wedding in this area. This is cheap wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale.

Champ Carr Ballroom

This is a Lobby Patio. You can enjoy this awesome wedding venue. The native tropical garden surrounds this Champ Carr Ballroom. It brings the romantic spaces. You can set this ballroom with a great backdrop.

Marriott Harbor Beach Resort with its Panoramic Views

You will love the wedding venue in Marriott Harbor Beach Resort. This beach resort offers the combination of luxury and nature. They present the dream venue for celebrating a wedding and special event. You can set the wedding in this resort with an oceanfront backdrop.

Space is large for 800 guests for indoor or outdoor venues. This resort offers two types of wedding venue. It brings the luxurious wedding hall inside the resort.

You may find the incredible blends of nature and luxury at this resort. It is important to know the wedding package. The rent and package of the Fort Lauderdale beach wedding venues start at $25,042.

Lovable Wedding Venue at Marenas Beach Resort

Do you want to get the lovable wedding venue? The Marenas Beach Resort is the right choice. It will be perfect for the enchanting celebration.

You can get the blends of the summertime, sands, and night ways. This Marenas Beach Resort offers the spectacular wedding views with full of delicious foods.

This large wedding venue can accommodate 100 guests. You may get the wedding package at $19,952 to $21,282. You will see the beautiful outdoor wedding venues. This is great to set the beverage and food.

Hilton Fort Lauderdale Offering Various Venues

Do you ever visit Hilton Fort Lauderdale? This resort has some optional venues. The option will give perfect wedding settings. This place becomes a popular venue for ceremony and reception.

Sunrise Terrace

The Sunrise Terrace offers the simple balcony with a circle. It rises overlooking the ocean views and palm trees. You can get this terrace for 80 guests.

Pool Terrace

The Pool Terrace offers the open ocean scenery for 200 guests. This place can accommodate wedding reception with banquet style.

You may get these tropical poolside venues for incredible wedding memories. It tends to be ft. Lauderdale wedding venues on the beach.

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Del Sol Hall

This hall has the blue highlights. You can choose this hall for 85-150 guests. This hall has earth tone, natural lit, and modern lighting. The combination will create luxury and comfort.


The BalQony tends to be a unique wedding venue in this resort. This offers the spot with lounge and cabana. You can choose this venue for your cocktail reception. It is ready to use for 50-150 guests.

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It is easy to find the most incredible wedding venues. Ft Lauderdale comes with various types of venues. You can find one of the most awesome Ft Lauderdale Wedding Venues. It makes your wedding ceremony and reception perfect.


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