One of the most important parts of a wedding reception is the cuisine. The guests even sometimes only look at the dishes. You must prepare the best foods to serve at a wedding reception.

To make them satisfy, the couples should not limit the menu only for meat and chicken. People need to know more about foods to serve at a wedding reception.

Some couples may prefer to offer their DIY wedding menus. Some are like to choose an EO to organize it. The most important one is choosing the best foods to include on the wedding reception table.

The foods should be in delicious, beautiful and economical and all at once. People may be confused about what kind of foods is greatest to serve.

Best Foods That Inspire You for Great Wedding

what finger foods to serve at a wedding reception
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This article will much help the reader to have some inspiration about it. What finger foods to serve at a wedding reception you can prepare? Please do not waste your time to skip the other site without reading this useful reads.

We will mention several options for you related to the foods at a wedding reception. You may underline one, two or more. Please be careful, it will be starving!

Savory Colorful Cupcakes

The rainbow cupcakes are good alternatives. These up-to-date desserts would be great. You can prepare it for conversation starters for some people in the wedding.

It is great to vary the pasta and the topping or garnish. These tiny sweet cakes will attract all your guests over the ages.

Chocolate Mousse in a Glass

The next finger food for your wedding table is a sweet snack and bite-sized dessert. This nice chocolate mousse in a classy glass is sure to love. Your guests will love this menu.

Homemade Biscuits

The other DIY food is the one delicious and crunchy biscuits. You may put them in typical breadbaskets. The addition of butter, jam or honey is good to make it more delicious.

Tiny Cheeseburgers

cheap foods to serve at a wedding reception
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It is common for the couples to have tiny cheeseburgers in their wedding reception. The satisfying will guarantee the success of your wedding party. You can choose these cheap foods to serve at a wedding reception.

Cute Ice Cream Cones with Toppings

Do not forget to have this sweet-milk with appealing toppings on the top of it. There is nothing better than this calming dessert.

Mixed-Steamed Veg with Peanut Sauce

This mid dish came from the Asia culture is not a bad choice. This is the combination of potatoes and cabbages. There are tofu, eggs, and fish mixed with peanut sauce. This menu will satisfy the guests by its oriental taste.

Playful Doughnuts

Doughnuts will never die for any parties. They are interesting for both children and adult. Some couples need to supplement the wedding dessert with some sugary treats like doughnuts.

Oriental Sushi Bar

For the other oriental taste, this sushi bar may be the best offer to choose. This colorful and attractive look can catch up the guests’ attention. It is good for the couples to provide cooked sushi so all your guests are able to take it.

Stations Galore

The station galore can be very huge. There are many choices of foods like mashed potato bar, macaroni and cheese bar. You can combine these foods to have various mixed menus.

Vegetable Shooters

Some people are very familiar with vegetable snacks. Vegetables are tasty and nutritious.

New Vegetable Snack

The couples can design the vegetable snacks to be easy and neat. These vegetable shooters will be one of the good alternatives. This snack includes sliced carrots, cucumbers, and other eatable vegetables.

Vegetables Salad

Many salads are available for a wedding reception. You may choose some of them:

  • Cucumber salad with garlic, onions, pepper, vanilla low fats, sour cream low fat, salt, and dill weed
  • Dill Potato Salad with sour cream, mayonnaise, green onions, salt, dill weed, and black pepper
  • Savory beet salad with red onion, bone light of honey Dijon, feta cheese, orange, beets, and dill weed
  • Pasta salad with sour cream, mayonnaise, lemon pepper, dill weed, cucumber, plum tomatoes, and penne pasta

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Individual Shrimp Cocktails

casual wedding reception food
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Many couples love this casual wedding reception food. The individual shrimp cocktails are a great addition to a classy wedding. This snack matches for so many and classic themes.

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The above explanation has much told you about several options of the best foods to serve at a wedding reception. You may decide now which one is most suitable for your wedding themes. Have a nice wedding party with plentiful delighting menus.


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