The Food stations ideas for reception is a popular trend. It is a perfect concept for couples who prefer a more casual congenial atmosphere. You can satisfy your guests by serving the good foods.

The wedding reception is you can satisfy your guests with the foods. You must have a great idea of serving them. Serve the most favorite foods.

Brilliant Wedding food Bar That Makes All Guests Happy

Build your own menu for the following list. The good foods will make your guests happy. Let them enjoy your best choice.

Tempura Station Classical Portuguese Dishes

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Tempura is one of a classic Portuguese dishes. Japan is a country, which popularizes it. It contains the batter of seafood or vegetables. Every guest will love this kind of wedding food stations menu.

You can make the batter from wheat flour, eggs, oil and baking soda. Starch and oil are available to add. Mix all of the ingredients.

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Best Foods to Combine

You can use various seafood and vegetables. Dip them in the batter then fry it in the hot oil. The most popular seafood tempura is shrimp tempura.

You can use seafood. They are squid, scallop, crab, catfish, Pollock, plaice, skate and ray. You can serve vegetable tempura at your stations.

Vegetable tempura is yasai tempura. The vegetarian guests may like these kinds of tempura. You can use bamboo shoots, bell pepper, carrot, eggplant, mushrooms, okra and shitake.

You can pick the seafood with a stick then fry it. For vegetable tempura, you just dip them in the batter then fry it. You can serve them with dipping sauce.

Tapas Station Appetizer Wedding Menu

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Tapa is a Spanish appetizer or snack. It is a great dish for anytime, especially summer. Tapas are quick appetizers for food station ideas for parties.

You can serve a traditional tapa. It includes mixed olives, fried baby squid, meatballs, and chorizo. Serve them in cold or hot temperature is a good choice.

Mixed olives and cheese are cold tapas. Chopitos and fried baby squid are hot tapas. The original tapas is sliced meat or slice bread.

You can serve a drink to accompany the tapas. Let your guest choose their favorite tapas. Provide various types of tapas.

Pot Pie Station: Favorite Wedding Menus

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Potpie is a type of meat pie with a top crust. The chef will make the pie in a pot. It consists of flaky pastry.

Serve your guests with various pies’ fillings. You can use vegetables, chicken or meat. The most favorite pie’s filling is chicken.

Add the milk to the fillings. The milk will make it little creamy. Chicken potpie is a classic pot pie.

You must serve the potpie at the warm temperature. Bake them freshly. Your guests can enjoy the food station ideas for wedding reception warmly.

Potpie is a real staple for fall and winter reception. Your guests will love to eat it in the cold weather. It is a creamy and crusty dish.

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Food stations ideas for the reception are the perfect solution for the non-traditional reception. Let your guests walk around to enjoy your foods stations. They can eat while chatting with other friends.



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