Please first check the food station ideas for parties of the wedding. We are to inspire you on selecting food stations for your wedding. Food stations become attractive for various wedding styles and themes.

Food stations are one of the basic wedding food trends. It is a popular wedding feature this year. Many couples love to offer this kind of feature to serve foods.

Food station has more variety foods on it. It is a bit less formal way to provide their wedding food. They offer yummy foods in abundance types in just one place.

The wedding stations are a great idea to provide these foods. It can suit a wedding or reception. The evening food or other main showcases can be well matched.

Most Delightful Food Stations for Your Wedding Party

Do you need food station ideas for wedding reception? We will offer the best types of food stations for you to select.  Enjoy every reading of our few ideas to your appetite.

Great Raw and Sushi Bar Station for Nautical Wedding

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A sushi bar is a great option for your wedding. It will fit a nautical theme. All your guests are able to graze upon garden-fresh.

They can feel these vibrant flavors. It is the best thing to do whilst enjoying a flute of bubbles.

You can have prawns and mussels to serve in your station.  The oysters and crab are prodigious to add. More feel of a seafood station should offer ceviche with seaweed salad.

You may serve your sushi in Perspex trays. Add the filling of crushed ice. Utilize metallic and whites stall to compliment your sushi station.

Antipasti to Serve Bountiful Amounts for Wedding

It is great to serve bountiful amounts of fruit and charcuterie in one place. Think also about pickled veg and cheese. Some bread and dips will be best to plate at a fantastic station.

You may dress the station with green foliage and herbs. Add a squish of color with beetroot dips. Various delightful are fruits including blood oranges, figs, and raspberries.

You may incorporate loads of various materials for your station. You may use such as marble, wood, glass and many others. Those items will create your antipasti station extraordinary.

Cheese Stations Oldie Style Everyone Loves

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It is an oldie style actually. The kind of station offers a variety cheese everyone will love. You can offer these food station ideas for a wedding.

You are better to pair your cheeses with lovely items. This will enhance the tastes. Several fresh or dried fruits may be suitable.

Some crackers and chutneys will be great. You will make your guests feel loved with them. It is good to stack the cheeses with various doorstopper slabs.

Surround your tasty cheese with unique edible goodies. You could keep the styling simple. Make your wedding all about the cheese.

Patisserie Station Handy Food Bar for All

Dessert should be the sweetest treat ever. It is the handiest food station of all. You can make your dessert full or one of the cupcakes, ice cream or waffles.

The alternative for your dessert may be various. Choose the best choices for your station. You may have favorite sweet treats.

Offer hotchpotch of cakes in several flavors.  You can include sweet treats such as cake pops, cupcakes, and brownies.

Endless Food Stations Foodie Wedding Themes

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This kind of station can be creative and unique. You may select one of the alternatives we provide. You must try out new ideas with foodie themes for the station.

Types of Food Stations Theme Styles

The other food stations ideas for reception for you to choose are:

The Canapé Grazing Station is a beautiful station. You can place it on a stationery platform-opposing round to guests.

Another reference is the Afternoon Tea. It can be in a form of Scone Station. You can serve scones, tea, and jam within the station.

The Brunch Station becomes a new trend for couples. You may think foods like salmon and bagels. Combine them with crushed avocado, eggs, and bacon.

It will be great to have Chili or Taco Bar. You can custom your own chili/taco bowls.

Use the Buddha Bowls for your best wedding day. Its other name is Poke Bowl. It would be a bit healthier than other foods offered.

Street Food – Go wild with flavors and food from certain countries – Asian food is so now, those steamed buns, noodle boxes and salads would be perfect.

British Picnic Station is good for a summer wedding. You can supply the foods such pies, scotch eggs, and sausage rolls. They will be great at your wedding food station.

The Color Trend is the newest version for you to choose. It is a mixture of huge numbers of aspects. You can mix the assortment of foods and style.

Consider the theme and a particular trend and color. You may use copper props in the kind of station. The options for the foods are endless.

These food stations offer such a riches of variety and tastes. Best combinations are for satisfying your guests and the couples to feast on.

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The perfect wedding stations will be yours. You may check the food station ideas for parties. We sure the foods are the best choice for your wedding.


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