It is the best site of food station ideas for a wedding reception.  The idea for wedding foods station is in a great variety. They are all delightful and attractive.

Food stations are a combination of buffets with elegant sit-down dinner. We are sure it will be lovely. Your guests are going to love your style of serving.

The food stations revenue the chaotic cafeteria feel of a buffet. It is still offering delicious options. It provides a fabulous presentation to make your wedding menu shining.

Best Offer for Your Superb Wedding Food Stations

We will mention some cheap wedding food ideas for the reception. Supposed you will get the most wanted for your event. Let us take every single of this article.

You may find some the best main dishes for the wedding food stations. They are:

Asian Food and Oyster Bar

cheap wedding food ideas for the reception
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The best and delicious oyster bar will be a shucking station. You can pair the oyster with a mini pint of Guinness. Your wedding menu will be for a real taste of Ireland.

Sushi and Raw Bar

The sushi is not always the top of the wedding food list. You may add some variants other than fresh Sushi to fulfill. It is a great prime to offer your guests.

That would be fun and exciting to have a snack in one tasty swallow.  Vary them from sushi rolls, nigiri, and rice paper rolls.  Pack them in mini takeout boxes.

It is always better to offer your attendees a custom sushi or noodle bar.  You may accompany them with a real Asian chef.  Your guests will surely love this.

They will like and customizable option and the interactive element. It will please them even the meticulous guests. Do not forget to add the wasabi, chopsticks, and wasabi.

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Nacho Bars for Chic Mexican Fiesta Wedding

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It is a great thing to celebrate a Mexican fiesta chic for your day. Complete this with a mini nacho bar. It should be the perfect late night delight with backyard wedding reception food ideas.

The bar will best pair with a tasty margarita for your cocktail hour. Creating a DIY nacho for your nacho bars will be more interesting.

Candy Bars and Desserts for Sweet Wedding

Make it perfect for a sweet delicacy throughout your day. You can make in place of traditional desserts. Another alternative is to invite your guests taking home midnight snack.

Candy bars and buffets become an appealing focal point at a reception. You may choose childhood picks or artisan treats. The preferences are like fudge, marshmallows, mini meringues or rock candy.

They will be best to fill your table. You should place the sweets in pretty style and vessels. Create a stylish space for it.

You are better to provide handy bags to your guests. They can fill based on their heart’s content.

The dessert will be a huge hit for many recent real weddings. The dessert tables and cake bars become a firm desired for anyone. Many couples choose them in place of an old-style dessert.

They will provide many dessert choices for everyone. You may select a big variety of cakes in many flavors. Other sweet treats like brownies, cake pops, and cupcakes are great.

Salad Stations for Healthy Wedding Style

cheap wedding reception food ideas
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Having this healthy cheap wedding reception food ideas for a wedding is necessary. You may add a Bruschetta Salad to your veggie station. Serve a mixed greens and fruits with various seasoning on it.

The Spinach Salad is another option for you. You can serve baby Spinach with dried cranberries. Add some beets and goat cheese.

Dressing your delicious spinach salad is great with raspberry vinaigrette. It is more than tasty and healthy of course.

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You can imagine your best wedding party starting from now. This food station idea for wedding reception will inspire you. Please kindly check it and choose the most suitable menu.


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