Do you have the best Food Ideas for Wedding Reception Buffet and decors? Feeling confused is very common in planning the wedding. When you have wedding organizer, it is easy for your preparation. However, do you have the ideas? Here, we offer the best food ideas for your wedding reception in buffet decors.

The wedding will be very amazing for all people in planning their wedding. The food ideas will be very important to get during preparation. You can set the food ideas that suit for your reception buffet. Here, we also present how to get the best tips for food ideas in your wedding reception.

Catered Buffet Menu Ideas

Commonly, the caterer will provide and serve more wedding menu ideas buffet style. It includes the food ideas completely for wedding reception buffet. This will depend on the price of the menu levels. Simple you choose, cheaper you should pay. Here, we give some ideas for your catered buffet menu ideas.

Gourmet Barbeque Menus

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You can get the level of these gourmet barbeque menus. The selection will involve the choice of Anti Pasto Platters including pickles, sun dried tomatoes, cold cuts, crostini, and more fresh fruits. You need to choose other menus for the barbeque buffet.

They are Fresh breads selection, Tossed salad, Coleslaw, Greek style salad, Seafood pasta salad, Balsamic , marinated vegetables, Hot roast potatoes & kumara, Tiger prawns, Fresh mussels in tomato basil, sauce, Chicken satay, Scallops wrapped in bacon, Grilled salmon fillet, Vegetable kebabs, Gourmet , sausages, and Scotch fillet steak.

High-Class Casual Dinner

How is about getting the high-class casual dinner? This delicious selection can bring the dishes on your wedding buffet perfect. You can serve in the earlier evening for Hot smoked salmon on blini and wasabi aioli and fresh roquette. The vegetarian cocktail as in spring rolls and the dipping sauces are also great. You need to reserve also for the hot roast fork meal and its sweets.

Decadent Wedding Buffet Menu

This decadent wedding buffet menu is suitable for pre-dinner and dinner section. You must reserve for the pre-dinner cocktail platters and dinner with buffet selection. The dinner buffet menus can be Grissini bread sticks and dips, mesclun leaves menu with the salad garnish, and onion, Tomato, basil, and the feta salad. You need also offer the lamb cutlets, herb, and the olive oil crusted menu with the fine port jus. Do not forget the dessert for this decadent buffet menu.

DIY Buffet Menu for Wedding

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The wedding buffet menu ideas DIY is special to choose. You can get some selections as in the following. The success key of DIY buffet menu is choosing the inexpensive menus for creative serving. You can make some new menu on your buffet with great taste. It will make every guest feel different on your wedding party.

Some popular DIY buffet menus are lasagna, sandwiches with pulled pork, baked chicken, meatballs, cheese and mac, baked beans, chicken, fettuccine, pasta salad, garden salad, fruit arrangements, veggie trays and dip, and rolls.

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Cocktail Menu Buffet Hours

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One of the most popular wedding buffet food lists to serve is the cocktail. Cocktail menu buffet hour is important to complete your wedding food ideas. Eight kinds of cocktails for buffet menus are available for your wedding. Commonly, they will provide Spring Roll of Buffalo Chicken, Lobster Puffs, Coconut Chicken, Baked Stuffed Clams, Fried Chicken Wings, Scallops Wrapped in Bacon, Franks in a Blanket, and Coconut Shrimp.

Creative Buffet Menu Ideas

Nowadays, people also prefer to use the creative buffet menu for the wedding. Creativity will enhance your wedding more memorable. It will also lead your guest to feel different. In serving this menu, you can get the caterer or even do it by yourself. However, choosing the right menu buffet with creative ideas will give plus value.

Mimosa bar Buffet Menu

This creative Mimosa bar includes the serving of the punch. You can choose some juice, bubbly, and fresh fruits for this buffet menu. However, you must require the perfect drinking for the Mimosa bar. They will look colorful and fun. Love fresh so much.

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Crostini Bar Buffet ideas

How is about serving crostini bar? This bar idea for crostini leads you to serve the cheese, bread, and the cold meats. Of course, you will love it; love all combination of the food so much. This kind of buffet menu will be probably classier for afternoon wedding party.

Pizza Wedding Buffet

Do you ever have the pizza buffet in a wedding party? You may lead this idea. In this case, you can get the pizza by making or purchasing from the caterer. You should provide some choices of pizzas for guests. It will involve the cheese, meat lovers, vegetarian, and more about pizza buffet.

Popcorn Bar

Yeah, this popcorn bar can be a good additional buffet menu. You can serve the popcorn as in the country classic moment. This popcorn bar idea may guarantee your guests to feel fun with the summer wedding buffet menu ideas. You should decorate the popcorn bar beautifully.

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Appetizer is necessary

Everybody will need an appetizer in every moment. In the wedding buffet, the appetizer is a great choice to add into your buffet menu. However, what kind of appetizer will suit to your wedding ideas? You will get the inspiring food ideas right here.

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Everybody will love milkshake and ice cream. Here, you can prefer to use this bar. Serving more taste and variants will make all guests feel happy. You can serve this ice cream and milkshake when wedding in the summer.

Besides the milkshake and ice cream, you can choose the foods to serve at a wedding reception. The inspiring appetizer ideas are fresh seasonal fruit, fresh strawberries for the champagne marinade, and wedge melon menu with a strawberry garnish. You can choose one of them.

Well, what do you think of those 5 food ideas for the wedding reception buffet? Making all guests satisfied in your wedding party is important. You should serve the best food ideas in your buffet menu. This plan will make your wedding so memorable.


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