Traditionally thought of as trade show decor, pipe, and drape will remodel to present much stylish function for parties, weddings, and corporate events. In this article, we will explain about several tips of DIY wall draping for weddings using pipe and drape.

Wall draping will create interesting wedding decors. Many ideas are available for the attractive decors. You may get the DIY draping for the wall venues.

Most Interesting DIY Wall Draping

These are several tips of wedding planners incorporate pipe and drape systems into the wedding ceremony and reception.

Wall Draping for Best Backdrop

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You will see how the backdrop of your wedding interesting. It is important to know how to do draping for weddings. The wall draping can be an attractive wedding backdrop.

Add Some Decorative Backdrop

Make a great background at the rear of the head table with sheer or colored draping and strands of glitter lights. Pipe and drape systems can be used to create a dramatic avenue for your event. Arrange draped walls, add several up lights, and roll out a carpet lined with floral design.

Be Creative with a Photo Backdrop

Show your creativity when it comes to decorating a photo setting for the wedding guests. Choose an elegant fabric backdrop and glitter lights or make a candid photo space for guests to capture a prom and have fun.

Oriental Trading has a wide variety of 9’ x 6’ photo backdrop banners which can be pinned to a pipe and drape curtain wall. The DIY photo booth can create a simple pipe and drape system. You may make a private dressing room near to the backdrop to admit guests to turn into costumes.

Use a single layer of sheer, a few minor decorations, and uplighting with pipe and drape to make an awful photo backdrop. Even if you are looking to get the perfect photo of the bride and groom, the wedding party, or a backdrop for guests photos, pipe and drape support an inexpensive. The great medium is a photo backdrop.

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Support the Setting

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You may need some support for the setting. It can make your wedding space comfortable. Here is what you need for DIY draping for parties.

Design up A Table

Find a more tailored arrangement for the dessert, buffet, or head table. A little more expensive than the traditional one, drape skirting is available to extend fabric to the floor. To add a more formal touch to the event, this table type setup provides a secret storage area for catering staff to hide extra supplies like linens and napkins.

Make a Separate Space

Are you looking to attach a lounge space or children’s play area? Pipe and drape can available to partition wider tented area or function halls making the illusions of partition rooms. Be sure to talk about these configurations with your event planner to ensure fire codes will not affect by temporary arrangement.

Add Privacy

DIY pipe and drape backdrop for a wedding
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Maybe your guests’ surprise-wedding gift needs guests’ signatures or a special wedding gift is too big to cover. Make a private room to keep the secret gift under wraps. Those are parts of DIY pipe and drape backdrop for a wedding.

Stash an Unsightly Space

Attach a pipe and drape wall to stash extra chairs, the band’s utensil boxes or the movable toilets brought in for the event. Pipe and drape system is  useful in the place where you want to stash an unsightly wall or piece of not moving utensils.

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The explanation above has told you a lot of information about several tips of DIY draping for a wedding using pipe and drape. You can try to apply it.


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