The venue of your wedding is not always spending much money to make more beautiful. The DIY pipe is the solution for making venue and drape backdrop become more beautiful. That is why this site will explore creating DIY pipe and drape backdrop for wedding.

You can use the DIY pipe as the way to transform the wedding venue decoration. It is an inexpensive way and easy to create the pipe. You do not need to worry about the result and the money that you will spend.

This DIY pipe drape backdrop for the wedding will assist to create beautiful wedding venue.

Creative DIY Draping for Wedding

DIY pipe and drape system
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This article will show the ways to install and the ideas for DIY pipe and drape system. The ways to install the DIY pipe are:

This article will inspire you to create the DIY pipe drape backdrop for your wedding. You might stay on this site for having so much information about this DIY.  You will be pleased by this site.

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Setting Up for Beautiful Wedding Venue

cheap pipe and drape
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You will create a beautiful wedding venue with inexpensive decoration. We must know how to set up the cheap pipe and drape.

This article will help you set up the wedding draping. The ways are easy and simple. You should read this article.

Set up the stand for the pipe

You might the setting before you place the pipe for drape backdrop. Make sure that it is safe and on a flat floor. It will define the strength.

Take place the crossbar

The pipe or crossbar will transform one stand to another stand. You can use the strong rope to transform the two stands and the crossbar.

Installing the drapes

In installing the drapes, you need to hang it by entering the fabric into the pipe. It should be careful with the pipe.

Raising the pipe to make desired height

After finishing installing the drape, you might raise the pipe. It sometimes uses 10 feet tall of the pipe. You can set and make the decoration with the drapery.

Those ideas can help you set up the draping easily. The draping systems on wall and pipe will cover all details. You will see the wonderful appearance with the draping decors.

Adding Decors on the Draping

DIY pipe and drape base
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It will be perfect for having the chandelier between the DIY pipe and drape base.  Between the pipes, you may add decorations like candles, flowers and some desert on it. It looks romantic and casual.

The DIY pipe and drape backdrop inspire you to split drape down like the window. You may decorate with some flowers on the edge of the fabric.

By the DIY pipe and drape backdrop, you may use the hanging full fabric. Moreover, you may add the floral or natural decoration like hanging leaves, flowers and light. This idea will make your wedding become more sweet, simple and rustic look.

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Those ways and ideas of DIY pipe and drape backdrop for wedding have already mentioned. You may apply it on your wedding venue. Have a pleased and beautiful wedding reception!


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