Are you a couple who want to hold wedding ceremony? You do not need to spend a lot of money to hire spectacular venues. With careful planning, you can allocate your budget on other needs with Denver wedding venues on a budget.

Read the article below. You can organize affordable but elegant wedding party. Choosing the right venue will determine the success of the wedding.

Best Wedding Venues in Denver

You should know the best wedding venues in Denver. This city offers winsome Denver wedding reception venues on a budget. You should prepare for obtaining the inspirations.

Unique Wellshire Event Center for Romance

Denver wedding reception venues on a budget
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Most of Denver couples choose Wellshire Event Center as their wedding venues. It is a uniquely romantic and memorable wedding venue.

There are outdoor garden areas. Those offer the beautiful landscapes. They have spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains, Downtown Denver, and golf course.

They have indoor areas too. During the colder moment, you can warm your body. It has vaulted ceiling with its massive beams.

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Capacity and Pricing

There are 20-foot high windows. They are large stained glass windows. They will create a romantic setting.

The outdoor venues can accommodate 200 guests. While for indoor venues can accommodate up to 380 guests.

You can start to prepare the venues at any time. The events must end by midnight.

The rental fee ranges from $1,000 to $2,500. It is for a wedding reception. It includes five hours of event time.

You must order the minimum of amount of food and beverages from the caterer. The estimation of ceremony fee starts at $250 to $1,000.

The Lobby: Historic Paris Hotel

Denver wedding venues and prices
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The location of The Lobby is on historic Paris Hotel. It keeps the original Victorian feel. Exposed brickwork, a stained backlit ceiling, and hardwood floor decorate it.

There is a restaurant for private dinner as part of Denver wedding venues and prices. You may use this venue for inviting your guests. They serve caterer for your wedding reception too.

Capacity and Pricing

The indoor venues can accommodate up to 300 guests. The outdoor venues are available for 150 guests.

The rental fee ranges from $0 to $800. It is for a ceremony and reception. They will allow you to use the venue for 4 hours.

You must pay $100 for an extra hour. The estimation of wedding cost at between $2,075 and $6,593. It is for a wedding reception and ceremony. It is a package for 100 guests.

Washington Street Community Center

It sits in the West Washington Park, Denver, Colorado. A former church sanctuary is the Center’s largest room. It is Leedom Hall, a perfect setting for organizing wedding reception.

It has a large stage, private restroom, wood floor, tables, and chair. You can use these facilities for your wedding party.

Capacity and Pricing

You can use indoor venues for 150 guests. For outdoor venues, they are available for 150 guests. You can use the venues whenever you want.

The rental fee ranges from $275 to $425. It includes 5 hours. The wedding ceremony fee ranges from $55 to $85.

The package for 100 guests ranges from$2,274 to $7,184.

Embassy Suites Denver Stapleton

Dallas wedding venues budget
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It is a grand and elegant wedding venue near the picturesque mountains of Colorado. The Grand Ballroom is 5,152 square feet. You can set the perfect Dallas wedding venues budget.

They have professional wedding organizer staffs. They are ready for assisting your wedding event.

Capacity and Pricing

The maximum capacity of the indoor ceremony is 520 guests. While for indoor reception is available for 250 guests.

You can set your venues as early as possible. However, the event must end by midnight.

You can use the venues by paying $250 to $1,000. You can use it during the wedding ceremony and reception. The wedding cost ranges from $4,966 to $7,173 for 100 guests.

Unique Rural at Four Mile Historic Park

The location of Four Mile Historic Park is in the heat of Denver city. It offers unique rural setting without leaving Denver.

It is affordable wedding venue in Denver. The historic landmark is the ideal mixture of natural beauty and historic charm.

There is a verdant field with towering pines surrounds it. It can accommodate up to 1.200 guests. While for indoor setting can accommodate 150 guests.

The rental fee ranges from $700 to $4,200. The average wedding cost at between $5,175 and $11,389.

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The natural beauty of Denver makes almost any locations be a perfect wedding venue. Plan your wedding event as well as so that you can save your budget. Denver wedding venues on a budget have all kinds of options.


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