Crescent Beach is a beautiful stretch of the Florida coast. The location of Crescent Beach is in the south of St Augustine. Crescent Beach FL Wedding is an ideal beach wedding.

The couple can arrange beautiful wedding ceremony. You will get beach breeze, sweeping waves, blue sea and blue sky. The couple will get the best wedding ever at Crescent Beach.

Gorgeous Crescent Beach FL Wedding Venues for Best Retreat

The couple can host a wedding ceremony along the Crescent Beach. The beach will give you the best wedding setting. You can arrange a wedding at the venue near Crescent Beach.

Beecher Place Offering Special Beach Wedding

Crescent Beach FL wedding venues
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The Beecher Place is a perfect space for special Crescent Beach FL wedding venues. Beecher Place is right on the beach. It provides an inspiring setting. The couple can host the big celebration.

Its location is on the beachfront at 12160 Beecher Street in Crescent Beach. You and your guests will get easy access from the road. It is on the seashore.

Beecher Place sits in the middle of a residential area and city. You will get permission for hosting the festive celebration. Your event must end by 10:30 PM.

You cannot make noise or loud music. The couple must obey its rules. You must warn your guests.

Ask your guests to be as polite as possible. You can host a big celebration although it is an ideal venue for the small event. The wedding couple will get stunning views of sand, sea, and sky.

Let your guests enjoy the panorama from rooms’ windows. Another space is an open balcony. You can have a direct view of it. The room can accommodate 80 people.

What this Place Offer and Accommodate

Crescent Beach FL wedding
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You and your guests will get a breathtaking view of Boundary Bay. It presents the Gulf Islands and some of the San Juan Islands. You can impress your guests by relaxing setting.

Beecher Place provides catering and alcohol. You can choose or customize the menus. The couple can bring alcohol to the Crescent Beach FL wedding.

You must get a liquor license. The couple must bring their own bartenders. Let your guests enjoy your best alcohols.

The couple and guests can stay overnight at its rooms and cottage. Ask them to choose large, open and green spaces. The couple can choose overnight package besides wedding package.

Enjoying the Venue

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You and your guests can stay overnight or for the day. It is better to ask them to stay an overnight. Your guests can have a morning walk in the hotels Crescent Beach FL.

You can book a tent for a camping. Let your loved and guests stay overnight in the rooms and cottages. It has two large dining areas.

The wedding couple can arrange romantic dinner. Delicious menus are available for children and adults. You can choose from the lists.

The catering provides an appetizer, salad, coffee breaks, snack, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The culinary team will serve America, French, Italian and Asian Cuisines. They serve healthy and nutritious meals.

The Crescent Beach FL wedding is a good option. You can create beautiful wedding at its seashore. Impress your guests by serving awesome backdrop.


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