This is important to arrange a wedding perfectly. The ceremony and reception of a wedding should need many preparations. Do you want to make a plan of wedding currently? Is the Claremont the city of you? You can find the fabulous Claremont Wedding Venues. This city is part of California.

Some spots are popular and favorite to be the wedding venues. Many people sometimes need the new fresh spot. We will help you find the best wedding venues in Claremont. It will define the type and theme of your wedding. You can see the inspiration in this article.

Top 7 Outdoor Wedding Venues for Breathtaking Nuance

Claremont has numerous outdoor wedding to be the first destination of a wedding. It becomes the most popular venue in the outdoor area. You can find the top outdoor wedding venue in Claremont. Those Claremont wedding venues Cape Town will lead the breathtaking nuance.

Wedgewood Weddings, Large Outdoor Wedding Venue

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Do you look for the large wedding venue? You can choose the Wedgewood Weddings. This offers the large outdoor area for the wedding ceremony. It has some options for hosting the wedding venues.

Garden Ceremony Site

This garden site offers the tall hedges with wooden canopy décor. You can host an outdoor wedding in hat paver aisle leading to the gazebo. It brings wonderful nuance.

Scenic Ceremony Site

This scenic site is special for the ceremony. This features the large grassy venue. The palm trees, brick trees, and oak trees surround this area. It offers the best place to exchange the vows.

Pretty Chic Doubletree Claremont Outdoor Wedding

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Do you love wedding decoration? The Doubletree Claremont in the foothill of the amount, San Gabriel can be a great choice. This venue offers the breathtaking ambiance with hustle bustle. The towering mountains surround this area.

It creates the outdoor courtyard breathtaking. You can find the excellent elements in this area for 250 guests. You can get the glittering pool, cascading waterfall, and the aromatic plants in the pots. It is awesome Claremont California wedding venues.

Diamond Bar Golf Course with Super Beautiful Venues

The presence of Diamond Bar Golf Course completes the lists of an outdoor wedding. This golf course offers a perfect outdoor venue with beautiful gazebo on the courtyard. You will love setting a wedding in this venue for 250 to 300 guests.

The Gazebo becomes the most popular spot on this golf course. You will get the charming site with the romantic setting. The greenery and flowers can adorn the wedding nuance of the outdoor ceremony. Everything will love graceful in this area.

Padua Hills Theater: Blends of Elegance and Romance

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Elegance, romance, and serenity become the blends offering in Padua Hills Theater. This venue offers the beautiful outdoor wedding with vintage building to be the backdrop. You can get this soothing veneering rooftop design of this theater. It brings the outdoor nuance elegance and vintage.

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Many people prefer to get the outdoor wedding in this Padua Hills Theater Claremont CA for 300 guests. This will combine the gazebo on the courtyard for charming nuance and the presence of wild jasmine.

The spreading flowers and big trees can make the nuance of outdoor wedding special. You can rent this area in the range of $3,500 – $7,000.

Gorgeous Muckenthaler Mansion Park-Like Area

You will find a park-like area in the Claremont. The Muckenthaler Mansion offers the gorgeous wedding venue with the special outdoor setting.

It has the rolling gardens, picturesque architecture, and swaying palm trees. Every couple can enhance the special day on the grassy lawn. It has a great backdrop including greenery and flowers.

Some uniqueness comes with certain decoration. You can set your wedding for 600 guests. It is also affordable enough for a rental venue the budget can be $2,500 – $4,500. You may not waste the time. It is your time to visit this area and get the best wedding venue in this gorgeous Muckenthaler Mansion.

Dramatic Wedding Venue Noor in Claremont

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The Noor tends to be a dramatic wedding venue. The location is in the heart of historic Old Pasadena. It has the power for elevating the magical occasion and ceremony. your wedding is so special. You can rent this Noor for 280 guests in their outdoor area. It is affordable. The range of the wedding package per 100 guests starts at $12,800 to $19,150.

What does make the wedding venues in Claremont Cape Town dramatic and special? Noor overlooks the magnificent Gabriel Mountains. The property on the courtyard outdoor venue creates the stunning setting. You can use the spectacular terrace in this venue with open gala style.

Mountain Meadows Golf Course with Perfect Wedding Concept

You can make a great concept in the Mountain Meadows Golf Course. This golf course is popular with their indoor and outdoor wedding. The venues always bring the elegance and picturesque settings. You can find some spots in this popular golf course in Claremont.

The Gazebo Romantic Ceremony

Do you ever plan to have a wedding ceremony on a courtyard with gazebo? The Mountain Meadows Golf Course offers the ideal gazebo for the romantic and elegant wedding ceremony. This spot can create the beautiful backdrop of the flowers and trees. You can set it to be the banquet setting.

The Patio

This Patio in the Mountain Meadows Golf Course can offer the charming indoor-outdoor wedding. This place blends the open area of the banquet room with an outdoor backdrop. Setting in the patio can boast your wedding on the large reception. it tends to be dramatic Claremont gardens wedding venue.

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Mountain Meadow Café

This café does not seem to be a common wedding. This café offers e unique wedding setting. You can set the casual wedding in this area. It has a unique interior architecture with high vault ceilings and grill stock bars.

The Banquet Room Solution

Do you want to set the indoor reception? The Banquet Room in this Mountain Meadows Golf Course can bring them for elegance. It has a large indoor ballroom for banquet wedding style. The nuance is perfect overlooking the outdoor greenery.

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You may not worry to arrange the wedding in Claremont. This city has numerous wedding venues in outdoor areas. You will get the most inspiring Claremont Wedding Venues that offers breathtaking nuance.


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