Many couples will arrange their wedding in the right venue. They will make the wedding celebration on a budget. Do you know the Cheap Wedding Venues Orange County?

The cheap wedding venue will make the couples happy. It will limit their budget. The preparation of the wedding will be easier for the cheap price.

Many people feel hard to choose the cheap venue in the Orange Country. They do not know the right place. Here, we will present the awesome venues for the affordable wedding.

Best Orange Country Wedding Venue on Budget

Some couples may need the cheap wedding venues Orange County Ca. They will arrange the simple one. You must find the best wedding venue on a budget in Orange Country.

Spanish Mediterranean Clubhouse at the Anaheim Hills Golf Course

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The Orange country presents the Spanish Mediterranean Clubhouse. This clubhouse is at the Anaheim Hills Golf Course. You will find the combination of elegant décor and luxurious atmosphere.

The outdoor venue is available for 300 guests. This ceremony venue is in front of the Spanish Mediterranean Villa. It is great with the modern fixtures and classic elements.

You can set the beautiful ceremony on the terrace of the Clubhouse. It is a great space with sunset panorama. You may get the wedding package at $6,000 to $12,000 for 7 hours.

The FIFTH Offering Magical Wedding Atmosphere

The FIFTH is a rooftop-wedding venue on the Anaheim. It offers the magical atmosphere and delicious food. This venue presents the modern chic wedding location.

It has the pride in the first glance. The FIFTH offers the perfect rooftop venue for 200 guests. It overlooks the stunning panoramic views. You can custom your wedding package at $19,558 to $28,688.

The Occasions: Romantic Beachfront Wedding at Laguna Village

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Many couples love the beachfront wedding venue. You can arrange this wedding in The Occasion. It is a romantic beachfront wedding the Laguna Village, Orange Country.

This Occasion offers the glorious beachfront terrace. It is perfect for ceremony and reception. Your guests can enjoy the panoramic beachfront views with tranquil panorama.

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This beachfront venue offers the cheap price for 185 to 250 guests. The price in the affordable wedding venues orange county is at $1,000 – $4,800. You may add the wedding package with gourmet cuisine and wedding favors.

Picturesque Wedgewood Weddings at the Galway Downs

The Wedgewood Weddings at the Galway Downs offers the picturesque wedding venue. It is in Temecula, CA. This venue provides an all-inclusive package for a wedding.

The Wedgewood has some areas for the wedding ceremony and reception. They are available to accommodate 300 guests. It depends on the venue style.

The Oaks Falls

The Oaks Falls is the outdoor venue for the ceremony with towering oak trees. There is a wonderful waterfall with beautiful decorative rocks. This venue is perfect for exchanging vows with the bridal arch.

The Meadows

The Meadows can be a great outdoor venue for the wedding ceremony. This venue is perfect for the mature shade trees. It presents the decorative pond and flowing stream with the lily pads.

The Village Paddock

This Village Paddock is great for the large cocktail reception in the outdoor area. It is on the lush lawn with a great backdrop.

The Carriage House

The Carriage House becomes the main indoor hall. It offers the elegant ambiance with rustic decors. You can make the charming indoor wedding with the high ceiling decors.

The Kentina

The Kentina is an indoor-outdoor wedding venue for cocktail hour. It uses the sliding door to the patio. This place serves a nice bar.

Aviation Vineyards with Beautiful Wedding Spots

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Aviation Vineyards in Orange Country presents the budget wedding venues Orange County. It is in the Temecula, Fallbrook; CA. This vineyard offers three different wedding venues.

The Oaks Outdoor Reception

You can set an outdoor reception venue in the Oaks. The capacity is or 300 guests. It offers the romantic trails with cocktail reception style.

The Grand Hall with Gorgeous Setting

The Grand Hall in this Aviation Vineyards offers the gorgeous setting. This area is for 300 looks gorgeous with the classic aerial decoration and unique chandelier.

The Fountain in the Sharp Contour

You can host a wedding ceremony in the Fountain for 150 guests. This place matches a sharp contour of the reflective pool. It looks gentle with the mountain slope views.

Ayres Hotel Costa Mesa: Romantic Beachfront Wedding

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The Ayres Hotel Costa Mesa offers the romantic beachfront wedding. It is in the Newport Beach Orange Country. The cheap wedding packages orange county presents the European Hotel Style.

This hotel is perfect for the charming reception. It is available for 200 guests. The wedding package is affordable at $7,187 to $14,649 per 100 guests.

This Ayres Hotel offers the wedding venue in the courtyard. The lush garden and blooming flowers become the backdrop for the wedding. You will love the Cobble Stone fountain in the venue.

Surf and Sand Resort for Beachfront Wedding

The Surf and Sand Resort offers the wonderful beachfront wedding. It presents the Mediterranean wedding venue. This place offers the premier Laguna Beach from the terrace.

The resort offers the indoor and outdoor wedding. It is on the terrace and ballroom for 180 guests.  You can get the wedding package in this area at $20,537 full service for 100 guests.

Los Verdes Golf Course: Best Wedding with Rolling Hill

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Los Verdes Golf Course presents the wedding chapel. It is beautiful with rolling hills of the Rancho Palos Verdes. This golf course offers the remarkable outdoor venue with panoramic ocean view. It overlooks the Malibu and Catalina Island.

The outdoor wedding venue can accommodate 375 guests. It brings the private circular walk and drives. This venue can create the best ceremony site with a spectacular backdrop.

You can get the affordable wedding venues in Orange County NY. It is affordable at $14,813 to $27,171 for 100 guests. You will get the full service, venue, and wedding food beverage.

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You can find the affordable wedding venue in Orange Country. This city offers many spots indoor and outdoor venues. You can find the best Cheap Wedding Venues Orange County for the perfect moment.


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