The reception space for a wedding is the special place. Family, friends, and relatives sit to watch your wedding. There are many things for cheap wall drapes for weddings.

Is your budget not enough for wall draping? Do not worry, we have some ideas best low priced beautiful wall draping for a wedding. A small budget transforms to a wonderful reception space.

Affordable Wall Drapes for Weddings

There are some cheap wall drapes for weddings. The location and the size of your reception hall transform to a beautiful one. You can give a touch or use the whole ideas.

Cheap Wall Draping for Beautiful Concept

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Here, we give to the readers some tips for wall draping for weddings. There are many ideas at here. Choose the most suitable for your place and your budget.

Embrace the theme

An outdoor theme makes your wedding into another world. Pick a strong theme like an outdoor or beach décor. Remove wall drapes and replace it with lanterns, gold accent or flower.

Hexagon boxes wall

Paint the inside of boxes with favorite colors.  Then, attach the boxes to a wall using glue. You can use boxes as shelves, like flowers heads.

Hang backdrop

A big fabric as the backdrop provides your reception with a fun point. Make one for background your photo booth. Your guest will be happy to attend your wedding.

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Draping Ideas for Romantic Sense

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It is incredible to find the draping for the romantic sense. It is important to know how to do draping for weddings. You should read this article.

Hula Hoops drapes

Change the length of fabric drapes. Replace to hula hoops. Put long small bulbs from the corner for a romantic scene.

Balloon wall drapes

Balloon wall drape is a good idea for a simple but cute theme. Put the balloons at the front and some of the wall. A photo booth beside the balloon is a good idea.

Sparkle with Accent

Do you rent a room with retro vibe? Do not put any wall drapes. Put small detail like beautiful drop lamp at the center.

Evening wedding

There is a strong point in décor. The hanging lanterns have more visual impact. A white ceiling cannot remove the sophistication.

Long table wedding

The flow will change by playing the shape of your tables. Mix square and round the table. It reduces the cost of the fabric a lot.

Vintage Rustic Draping

The vintage draping is perfect. You can enhance the soft color options with classic style. Continue your wedding with something new.

Vintages wall drapes

Replace the fabrics with some vintage elements. Put old pictures of the bride and groom. The floral elements and family mementos make it perfect.

No-sew painted fabric

Make an outline a pattern on a drop cloth. Fill in the shapes using whatever colors. Choose the one suit your wedding theme.

Carnation wall draping

This is high-impact good draping. It is cool, modern and fancy. It takes time to get all the flowers right strung and fond of to your structure, but it is worth.

Printed-paper flower

DIY pipe and drape backdrop for a wedding
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Just print the flowers and tape using washi-tape. Tape the flowers to the wall at your venue. It is easy for DIY pipe and drape backdrop for a wedding.

For the best result, you can modify one of the ideas. You can discuss it with your wedding planner. Make sure it is suitable for the place.

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There are some ideas for cheap wall drapes for weddings. A cheaper one is personalizing your wedding place with tricks. Enjoy your wedding and congratulations!


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