This article list several cheap outdoor wedding venues Raleigh NC. Raleigh NC offers affordable wedding venues.

To be brides and grooms will need preparation in organizing wedding event. One of them is deciding the wedding venue.

Best Affordable Outdoor Venues in Raleigh for Airy Wedding

Do you look for the airy outdoor wedding? Raleigh offers some of them. You must read this article to know the best outdoor wedding with airy sensation.

The Glenwood with Beautiful Views

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The location of The Glenwood is inside the beltline in Raleigh. You should find the best affordable wedding venues in NC near the downtown. It is a magic location for organizing wedding event.

What Makes Special

It offers a beautiful view. The outdoor venues are available for 400 guests.

It has the Irregardless Café. It offers farm-to-table cuisine.

Rental Venue and Fees

We can use the venues for two shift of time. We can use the venues at 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM. You can use it at 4:00 PM to12:00 AM.

The rental fee ranges from $950 to $3,500. It includes 8 hours of event time.

The estimation of ceremony wedding’s cost is $7,252. You can pay $15,550 for a wedding reception.

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JC Raulston Arboretum at NC State University

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The location of JC Raulston Arboretum is at North Carolina State University. It has Klein-Pringle White Garden. This venue offers a classic outdoor space. The downtown Raleigh wedding venues are great options.

Beautiful Gardens

It has several beautiful gardens. You can arrange wedding events in these gardens. You can use the gazebo.

Finley-Nottingham Rose Garden is one of a beautiful garden. It has 3,000 flowers decorating the venues.

Capacity and Prices

The outdoor ceremony venue is available for 125 guests. The outdoor reception can accommodate 400 guests.

You can use these venues. You can start to prepare the decoration in the early morning. The event must end by 11:00 PM.

The rental fee ranges from $225 to $265. It includes 1 hours of event time. The fee excludes the setup fee.

You can pay $3,682 for the wedding ceremony. You can pay $11,377 for a wedding reception. It is for 100 guests.

Raleigh Racquet Club

Raleigh Racquet Club offers premiere backdrop for elegant weddings. You can enjoy the beautiful evening view and a cocktail.

The guests can enjoy the fireplace in a cozy outdoor place. You will have a stunning view of the golfs course.

It has a professional chef. Chef Jason will create your menu. You can order a formal meal and informal meal.

You can use these venues. The events must end by 2:0AM. The rental fee is $800 for a reception. It includes 4 hours of event time.

The estimation of wedding cost is at between $2,105 and $6,925. It is for 50 guests.

Brier Creek Country Club

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This place offers a picturesque venue for your wedding event. The brick path and shady trees decorate your wedding venue. You can arrange wedding event on the impeccably manicured lawn.

It has a skilled culinary team. They will serve the menu that you order. You may get the all inclusive wedding venues Raleigh NC.

It has several wedding packages. You can fit your budget.

The outdoor reception venue can accommodate 150 guests. The maximum capacity of the outdoor ceremony is 250 guests.

You can use these venues start from 9:00 AM. The events must end by midnight.

You can pay $500 to $2,000 for reception’s rental fee. It includes 5 hours of event time. It provides caterer with a minimum order.

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You can choose the wedding venues based on your budget. You can save your money by choosing cheap outdoor wedding venues Raleigh NC.


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