This is cheap Las Vegas wedding and reception. This article is a good option for you. Here, we provide some alternatives of cheap Las Vegas wedding packages.

A wedding package on a budget is a favorite. Couples love to have a marriage with a budget-friendly wedding. They agree a memorable event is not just for a high price wedding.

Las Vegas is a heaven for wedding destinations. This place provides many wedding packages. It offers many unique packages with various prices.

The most common cheap Vegas weddings range from $62 to $325. The packages comprise a great number of amenities. Several packages include facilities for reception and wedding.

Top Wedding Reception on Budget in Las Vegas

cheap Las Vegas wedding and reception packages
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Las Vegas has lots of wedding and reception on a budget. You will find cheap Las Vegas wedding and reception packages. Some are in lists of this cheap Las Vegas wedding and reception article.

Unique Folk Las Vegas Wedding Wagon

This place offers a real view of Las Vegas spot. You can imagine wonderful folks surrounding your wedding.

Your wedding at Las Vegas Wedding Wagon can be so unforgettable. You can ensure a wedding in sign over any part of Las Vegas.

Low-Cost Wedding Package

Las Vegas Wedding Wagon offers a low-cost wedding package. Couples can have several options on it as well.

Couples are free to choose the date and the time. The location and rite for the wedding are electable.

You are free to replace your wedding vows at the chosen location. Sure, the Wedding Wagon will make your wedding feel so colorful.

The Wedding Wagon costs from $129. This price includes fifteen digital photos of your ceremony!

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Wee Kirk O’ of the Heather Chapel

inexpensive Las Vegas wedding receptions
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This chapel is one of the oldest chapels in Las Vegas. You may find the inexpensive Las Vegas wedding receptions. The biggest attraction of the Chapel is its lush environment.

It visibly lies in a cozy venue. It provides any small and intimate weddings. Those kinds of weddings may accomplish with absolute élan.

Package Fee and Facilities

The Wee Kirk O’ The Heather Chapel offers a number of packages. The offers are a Simply I-Do Package. Its price is around $87.

These facilities are apart from the actual marriage ceremony. This cheap Vegas wedding package is for 5 guests maximum.

Other offers include traditional wedding harmony. The chapel also gives a souvenir wedding scroll and a witness.

Couples need to spend money about $ 87.00. It will be very worth it for applying your wedding in this chapel.

Belleza Chapel of Cupid Wedding Package

inexpensive las vegas wedding receptions
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This wedding package locates at Belleza Chapel on Paradise Road. The place is famous for its intimate beauty. The beauty comes from its name of a Spanish word.

The stellar facets have a graceful and elegant gazebo. Couples can say, “I do” with élan on the gazebo. This ceremony will be apart from doing wedding inside the chapel.

This package includes the genuine wedding service at the chapel. It offers the cheap Las Vegas wedding ceremony and reception packages. The Cupid Wedding Package provides several services.

They include wedding music of Bose symphonic sound system. There is a special bouquet. It matches with a boutonniere of the bride and groom.

Several pictures from your wedding are available on a CD and DVD. These services along with the venue are at $325.

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Do you find something interesting in the preferences? We hope this cheap Las Vegas wedding and reception is worth.


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