Do you get a boundless taste for creating?  We give you the advice to go for ceiling and wall draping for weddings. You can get the best inspiration for a dreamy wedding.

The ideas are low-effort and high-impact. It does not take a professional stylists team to set up. Most wedding ideas at here are easy to do.

Most Incredible Ceiling and Wall Draping

We help the readers to find their ceiling and wall draping ideas. We provide many choices to you. You can modify it to your taste. The result will be incredible.

How to Create Incredible Draping

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Some tips are available to make incredible draping. You can apply these ceiling and wall draping ideas for the memorable wedding.

Use soft color and small bulb

This is suitable for a private wedding. The white fabric as the draping will make the ceremony look special. The small bulb at the ceiling creates a romantic effect for your ceremony.

Use unexpected decoration

The white organza sticks at the corner of the room. Strings of paper cranes, flower or colorful ribbon make an unexpected decoration. You can try this at an open place like a gazebo.

Window and Curtain Draping

It is the best choices for a hall with many windows. It is better for daylight wedding. Do not cover the window. Put the wall draping with soft color between the windows. Let the ceiling clear.

Organza Draping and Roof Lining

The Organza is very beautiful. This roof lining dress ceiling tile styled ceilings. Neutral color at the draping and ceiling use to provide complete exposure.

Feature ceiling without draping

It is not expensive at all! If the wall already suitable with your theme, you can choose this. Draping the ceiling will make space feel different. It is cheaper covering the entire wedding room.

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Best Draping Ideas with Lights

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We offer some best ideas off the wall and ceiling draping. They can make your wedding memorable. Find how to drape a wall with fabric for the most appropriate draping.

Silk Wall Drapes and big lamp

Silk wall draping lining is the ideal to cover the wall. The venue wall can use silk natural silk color. Put some at the ceiling between the big lamps at the center.

Fairy Light Backdrops

You will get impressive backing by using this concept. The freestanding backdrops must be in white or warm ivory. The small lamp behind the fabric makes you are the princess in a fairy-tale.

Chandeliers and small bulb

You may not need the fabric in this way. Hang the chandeliers at the center. The small bulb is the draping. It makes an elegant ambiance.

Soft Draping without Lights

Do you like something simple? You may choose the variants of the draping. You may get them without lights.

Star Cloth Backdrops

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This is the best plan for a couple loving the rock band! It is the ideal wall draping for a wedding with dance and disco floor.

The color is black with many holes to be the light for the star. Rock it! You may see how to make ceiling drapes for weddings to the wall.

Fairy Silk Wall swags

This is the best for a big place. You can cover the wall and you use this. It is not covering the entire wall.

The uses  of drops and swag of ivory silk fabric are the best. It is as your wedding is in a palace.

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The ceiling and draping above are some ideas for ceiling and wall draping for weddings. Select one of them or modify and combine them. Make your family and friends always remember to your big day!


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