Wedding price will be one of the considerations when people will hold a wedding ceremony. That is why here you will know Brooklyn wedding venues prices.

Wedding in Brooklyn may lead somebody spends much money. They will spend the expensive venues. You should know the best wedding venue on budget.

Top Wedding Packages in Brooklyn on Budget

Here, you will know some wedding prices from some different wedding venues in Brooklyn. Of course, it will be helpful for you.

Wonderful Grand Hyatt New York Manhattan

The Grand Hyatt New York is close to Grand Central Terminal. It means that your guests will attend your wedding easily. You will find the Brooklyn wedding venues on a budget.

Wedding Venues

The wedding venue will provide the wonderful wedding ceremony. That is elegant and cherished for a lifetime. You can choose sophisticated and modern Manhattan Ballroom.

It will be amazing with panoramic views and sleek lines of the city. The larger Historic Ballroom also will be the good choice for you. This ballroom is great for hanging chandeliers and ornate detailing.

Catering and Package

The Grand Hyatt New York also offers creative catering and wedding specialist to help you arrange your wedding. Then, you can arrange your wedding from the guest arrival to the dinnertime completely.

This wedding venue has the interesting deal for you. Yeah, by booking the wedding with Hyatt, you can get the special discount (with certain requirement), flawless reception, personalized care, and honeymoon package promotion.

The Grand Hyatt New York is suitable for 900 guests (indoor ceremony/reception). Here, the time restriction is important. You have to start the preparation about 3 hours before the event begins.

Then, you have to finish at 2.00 AM. How is the wedding price in the Grand Hyatt New York? The price of Brooklyn wedding venues is between $31,177 and $47,311. It is a ceremony and reception for 100 guests.

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Stunning Royal Palm Banquet Hall Long Island

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The Royal Palm Banquet Hall Long Island is close to the Massapequa Preserve. It is on the south side of Long Island. Actually, the wedding venue is a stunning venue.

It provides a blank canvas for wedding vision to come alive. The wedding place will be amazing with the picture a ceremony. Yeah, it will beautify grand entrance down a petal-strewn aisle.

Your wedding will be complete with dancing and dinner. The dancing will be in the grand hall. The grand hall is luxurious with cast romance, table accents, crystal chandeliers, and flowing fabric drapes the walls and ceiling.

The capacity of the Royal Palm Banquet Hall Long Island is 500 guests for the indoor ceremony and 250 guests for the indoor reception. How are the Brooklyn wedding venues inexpensive? The wedding price in this wedding venue is between $14,927 and $17,982. It is a reception and ceremony for 100 guests.

Distinguish Bronx Zoo – NY Zoos and Aquarium

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Do you want to have the different wedding? Bronx Zoo will be the good answer for you. The wedding venue will have wonderful wild space for your wedding.

It combines outdoor setting and the wide array of wildlife. Of course, it will be the great space to take photos. This wedding venue is a whimsical and historical place to have the wedding.

Do you need the Brooklyn wedding venues affordable? Wedding price in this venue is $5,000 for 100 guests. It is just for Saturday night.

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These are important information about Brooklyn wedding venues price. How is the Brooklyn wedding venues price? By knowing the price you can adjust your wedding budget.



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