Every couple can compromise their wedding day in special venue. Boca Raton in Florida offers the stunning wedding venues with 900 vendors. You can choose one of their best Boca Raton Wedding Venues. Do you confuse of the options? We will present the top 7 wedding venues in Boca Raton.

The wedding in Boca Raton Florida will lead the nuance stunning. It is different with other cities. This place offers the combination of elegance and nature. Many people choose this city for some reasons. They give affordable prices of the wedding venue and package. This city features the simplicity, modernity, and elegance.

Best 7 Wedding Venue for Stunning Moment

How do you choose the best wedding venue in Boca Raton? You will find the most stunning wedding venue. It can boast the most impressive moment. We present top 7 Boca Raton wedding locations, Florida.

Flawless Wedding at the Addison

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The Addison is popular with its flawless charms. This venue is on the Roaring Twenties grandeur. You will get this flawless wedding venue with impeccable design and picturesque venue. This place allows all guests speechless of the outdoor nuance. It includes the best outdoor venue for 300 guests in your reception.

This place allows all guests speechless of the outdoor nuance. It includes the best outdoor venue for 300 guests in your reception.

This place allows all guests speechless of the outdoor nuance. It includes the best outdoor venue for 300 guests in your reception.

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This Addison brings some choices of wedding package. The wedding package will depend on the wedding. It will start at $12,278 to $24,136 / 100 guests. You may not worry of the venue. This place offers the courtyard-wedding venue with breathtaking nuance. The Mediterranean nuance dominates the outdoor setting on this place.

Beautiful Delray Beach Golf Club with Mouth Watering Menus

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This Delray Beach Golf Club features the beautiful venues for wedding. It is perfect for your ceremony and reception. Single place gives the amazing setting. It offers the mouthwatering menus and dietary needs. This situation compliments your plan to arrange your menu.

The Boca Raton wedding ceremony venue provides the breathtaking nuance. Lush greenery can be the best backdrop for your wedding. It can accommodate 251 to 300 guests. This place offers the special price on the Saturday night at $5,500 per 100 guests.

Fabulous Lakeside Terrace Ballroom Indoor Wedding

It is easy to set the indoor wedding in Boca Raton. This city offers numerous spots for indoor wedding in the ballroom. They offer most favorite and popular venues. one of them is the Lakeside Terrace.

This terrace offers the large ballroom for 200 guests. It sets with generous lights. This building has floor to ceiling glass windows. They can offer the best spot for light penetrating.

How is the rental fee of this place? It is affordable. You may rent this area on budget. This area will give the wedding package. You must get the package. The couple must order the wedding package in this Lakeside Terrace. The price is $7,995 to $12,497 for 100 guests.

Magnificent Stonebridge Country Club with Sunset Views

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Do you love something different? The Stonebridge Country Club offers the magnificent outdoor venues. It completes with the sunset views and the breathtaking nuance. This venue creates the magical wedding setting with natural creation.

You will know the application of scenic bridge. They combine the stones and lush perfect backdrop. This country club offers the different nuance of a wedding. You will get the Boca Raton Resort wedding packages. It will depend on the service and facilities.

Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort Offering Intimate Gatherings

We will present the Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort in Boca Raton. This resort is available for events and gatherings. It will create intimacy ambiance. You can choose some options to celebrate your wedding.

Royal Palm Ballroom

The ballroom in this resort becomes the main event space for 165 guests. This venue offers the warm interior design with beach ocean accents. You can choose this place for smaller wedding package.

Poinciana Room

This room is smaller. It can accommodate 35 guests for a small wedding. It gives intimate gathering with coastal shades and high ceilings. You will get the airy ambiance in this small space.

The Pool Area

This resort offers the beautiful outdoor venue for wedding. This Pool Area is available from reception with 100 guests. You can enjoy the summer wedding on this area. It blends the minimalist decoration and beautiful highlights.

The Beach Wedding Venue

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The Boca Raton beach weddings become the most favorite area. You can choose this beach wedding venue for 200 guests. It tends to be the popular venue for ceremony with ocean scenery to be the backdrop.

Luxury and Charms at Indoor Costa d’Este Beach Resort

The beach resort offers the highlights of beauty and charms. You can find the scenic beauty in this Costa d’Este Beach Resort. This resort offers the luxurious indoor wedding venue. You can get the unforgettable destination with special setting for intimacy.

This area is available for 90 guests in the indoor ballroom. It is perfect for cocktail hours overlooking the ocean views. You can get the affordable adding package in this resort. It tends to be $750 – $1,500 for the rental venue.

Wondrous Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens

This Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden offer the unforgettable wedding nuance. It is in the South Florida popular. This place tends to be the premier wedding venue. You can arrange the dinner and cocktail reception in this venue. All settings overlook the wondrous Japanese garden and rustic building.

This venue is accessible from the area in the Boca Raton. Available for 150 guests, this area is perfect for small wedding. You can set the ceremony and reception in this unique museum and beautiful gardens.

Pavilion Grille Featuring Elegance Tradition

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Everyone in Boca Raton will know well this Pavilion Grille. This Pavilion Grille becomes the premier wedding venue in South Florida. It is special for night event, dining, and celebration. You can set the wedding locations Boca Raton Florida in the atrium area or ballroom. The tropical fountain beautifies the atrium. It will make your wedding more charming.

This area is available for 240 guests. It has luxurious combination in the ballroom. You will love this indoor wedding venue. It has affordable wedding package for full service in this pavilion. It is $10,855 to $17,709 per 100 guests.

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Somebody will choose the best venues for wedding. Boca Raton has some stunning venues to set wedding ceremony and reception. They have special things on tradition, dinner, or cocktail hours. You must find the best Boca Raton Wedding Venues that offers stunning intimacy.


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