This article contains best outdoor wedding venues Louisville KY. We hope that we can help you to choose the best place for you.

An outdoor wedding is a popular choice during the warm weather. It is especially in the spring and summer seasons.

As we know, that Louisville is one of the beautiful cities. There are many beautiful places for organizing wedding reception and wedding ceremony.

Wedding in Louisville Ky can enhance a memorable moment. You should love this city. It will help you arrange the best outdoor wedding.

Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Louisville KY Guarantee

Louisville presents the numerous outdoor venues. You can prefer the best one referring to your theme. It needs to prepare and plan the outdoor wedding.

We will share some inspiration of the best outdoor wedding venues. The location is in Louisville, Kentucky. We have some lists of the most popular outdoor wedding venues.

Garden at Ray Eden

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It is in Eastern Jefferson Country in Louisville Kentucky. If you want to have different wedding ceremony let a true outdoor garden wedding be your choices.

Outdoor Venues

This place offers you the elegant and romantic wedding venue. It has several special garden and lake setting. We can organize the wedding ceremony as intimate as graceful.


There are two lion sculptures in the main entrance. Then you can see a 112-year-old Country Gentleman’s estate home.

This garden is composed of many small gardens and Koi pond garden. This garden is full of flower. In July, you can see 85 flowers variety.

There will be no weddings booked in November/ December/ January/ February/ March/ April.

The Brennan House

It is a Victorian mansion, which is located in the Louisville’s downtown district. It serves an outdoor garden area for a wedding ceremony or reception.

This garden is able to accommodate 150 guests for a reception. It can provide chairs and tables for 75 people. We can reserve a tent if there are many guests.

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Whitehall Wedding

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You can enjoy the elegance of the venue with your guest. This is a great place, which is in the 19th century. It provides excellent indoor-outdoor wedding venues Louisville KY.

There are spacious garden and ground. You can stand under the canopy of a delicate clematis archway. Many people love this situation with the breathtaking nuance.

It has several gardens. They are an arboretum, Woodland Fern Garden, Formal Florentine Garden and Specimen Garden.

This is a formal garden. It is a romantic setting for a garden wedding. It is beautiful and convenient for a wedding reception.

We can set it into open-air or tented. Even we can set it to wedding ceremony place. We will have convenient outdoor restroom facilities, fully air-conditioned and heated.

It can accommodate 200 guests for an outdoor ceremony. It can accommodate 250 guests for a tented event.

The Louisville Zoological Garden

A fun outdoor venue is out of the ordinary. This is a 135-acre zoo. It is in the city’s Poplar Level neighborhood.

You can find this area in the heart of the city. It brings the oasis for the wedding. many people love arranging the wedding with the fun outdoor venue.

The Oasis Festival Tent, which is in front of Waterfowl Lake, is beautiful scenery. The Gheens Room in the pavilion shows a private view of the tropical forest. There is a gazebo, which provides a dazzling view overlooking Waterfowl Lake.

The wedding setting in this place will serve different nuance in your wedding. The guest must love this setting because they serve the natural scenery.

Wedding in Huber’s Family Farm

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The Joe Huber Family Farm is one of a family-owned farm in Indiana. It has a private gazebo. The lake surrounds this venue. The orchards and the lush construct a classy outdoor country style wedding.

You can rent a horse for carriage rides. This venue can entertain your guest by serving trailer rides around the ranch. You may choose the cheap outdoor wedding venues in Louisville KY.

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What do you think of this wedding venue? You should know the right outdoor spots to choose. They may offer the distinguish ambiance.

The wedding in Louisville KY can present the breathtaking nuance. They set the perfect outdoor spots. It will add the unique element.

The best outdoor wedding venues Louisville KY is a good choice for your big day. The outdoor view is more impressive than indoor. You can arrange your outdoor wedding in Louisville.


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