Do you want to set the wedding? You can choose the BBQ wedding menu. This world has many wedding menu. You can see the inspiring wedding menu with barbecue concept. This article shows some models and menus of the BBQ.

Do you want to have BBQ wedding in a backyard venue? This is perfect. You can set your barbecue wedding in the outdoor area. This concept will be an informal wedding reception. This condition will make everybody feel amazing. You can find the best BBQ menu for your wedding.

Things to Consider for BBQ

Are you planning to have BBQ wedding? You must know how to do the barbecue. It is important to define the process. Here are the backyard BBQ wedding ideas on a budget.

backyard bbq wedding ideas on a budget
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Who handles the Grille?

You must know the one handling this grille. It will depend on the guests’ size. You may choose more than two people to handle it. It may be difficult. You can ask your trust friend or professional chef to do it.

Plan Your Meat

You must plan and consider your meat perfectly. The barbeque will always involve the meat. You may not ignore this menu. You can ask the chef or family to consider the meats. It must involve all guests. Here are some tips for planning your meat.

BBQ Not Only Meat

You must know that BBQ will need meats. It is important to know. You must know that you will need not only the meats. Your wedding will not be full of meat. You must consider all ingredients and menus.

Best Meat Choice

You can plan for BBQ. Choose only the best meat. You can select the good meat and then make it fresh. You must ensure the quality of the meat must be awesome. It may be suitable to trust your family for this meat quality. You should pay attention choosing the barbecue wedding catering.

barbecue wedding catering
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Shape of Meat

BBQ has many variants. You can choose the best BBQ shapes. It will define your meat necessity. You can take the menu depending on the taste and name of the BBQ. It may be the small slice, steak, and the others.

Pay Attention for Other Ingredients

You must pay attention to other ingredients and menus. It is essential to know the best combination of the menus. The wedding ceremony will be awesome with something cheerful. You can add the colorful ingredients to make your BBQ eye catching. Trust this way to the chef. You can request this menu.

Types of BBQ Wedding Menus

Here are some BBQ wedding menus commonly people use. They will keep in mind about the size crowd of the backyard. You must pay attention to this situation. You can get some BBQ wedding menu ideas for serving are here.

bbq wedding menu ideas
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Full Potluck BBQ

You can provide the full potluck. The guests will bring these dishes. It includes the meat to grill. Each guest can take, bring, and make their barbeque.

Partial Potluck BBQ

This partial potluck is available to do. This type leads the couple to provide the wedding cake and meat. The guests will bring the side of the dish.


This catering BBQ will make everybody happy. They may not need to bring or make their menu. The guests and couple can eat the BBQ menus. The caterer will provide all things. You may pay more for this allocation.

Common BBQ Wedding Menus

How is about the common menu for BBQ wedding? You can read these tips. We will share the common BBQ wedding menus right here. You must provide the drinks, main dishes, side dishes, and dessert.

Best Drinks for BBQ Wedding

The backyard wedding will involve the drinks. The best drinks for BBQ wedding menus are here. You can choose the fresh and hydrated drinks. It depends on the meats you provide.

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The drinks are the iced tea, soda, water, lemonade, beer and wine, and the signature cocktail optional. Those drinks will make fresh your BBQ wedding. You can decorate your drink station for fresher look and taste.

Main Dishes: About Meat

The main dishes of BBQ menus will be the meats. You must list your guests. It will define your BBQ menu. It may include the vegetarian. They will not like eating the meats. You must provide the optional vegetarian menus.

Some main dishes are Pork or pulled pork, hot dogs, chicken, ribs, burgers, and seafood. You will love them so much. They can accompany the classy BBQ wedding reception.

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Side Dishes Menu

The traditional BBQ menu will involve the side dishes. You can choose the corn or potatoes. They will guarantee the wedding nuance perfect. Some great side dishes are the bacon biscuits with buttermilk, pickled okra, and corn grilles with bacon, cheese, and butter.

Delicious Dessert

Everybody will love dessert. The couple will have a cake for the wedding. They will add the dessert to complete the BBQ menu. All guests will love this delicious dessert. You can provide wedding cake, strawberry shortcake, and pies (apple, peach, banana cream).

Do you want the dessert that is more delicious? Every guest will love grilled peaches, ice cream, S’Mores, brownies, and cookies. You can save the ideas of the BBQ menu. Your wedding will be awesome with those menus.

Southern BBQ Menu for Wedding

Are you going to have the southern BBQ menu for your wedding? We have the inspiring ideas to make the menu. The southern BBQ will be simpler. It includes the recipes including the bread and meat. You may read the menus.

You can serve the BBQ buffet. It will include the House Salad of Normandy and two accompaniments. You can add the traditional buttermilk and the corn bread with the sweet butter rosettes. It is available to complete with the coffee station and pickle spear.

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Well, are you planning to have the BBQ party? Your wedding will be awesome. This BBQ menu can be a good choice for your wedding. It will enhance your wedding to make guests happy. Happiness and cheers will be around the BBQ menu wedding. You should arrange and plan the BBQ wedding reception cost.

classy bbq wedding reception
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Now, what do you think of this BBQ wedding menu? This is your time to arrange. You can plan to get the BBQ to be the best wedding menus.




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