It is a good read for backyard wedding reception food ideas. Some of the reception foods for a backyard wedding are available. You may choose one to select.

A backyard wedding is one of some wedding alternatives. It becomes popular for many couples. This kind of wedding offers intimacy and cost saving.

The “Back-of-the-Yard” menu style will suit any outdoor wedding. It is great for a backyard wedding. The great varieties of foods with ice cold drinks maybe some found in the menus.

Most Popular Foods for backyard wedding to Serve

Are you planning a backyard wedding? You may have fresh and delicious foods to eat. A barbeque may be the best choice.

Various foods may become other things to consider. We will mention some good food ideas for backyard wedding reception.

Food Bar Stations for Attractive Backyard Wedding Setting

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Do you want to host a backyard wedding? The food station can make it attractive. Many menus are available to arrange or set for food bar station.

Appetizers – Must Menu for Outdoor Wedding

Appetizers are necessary for an outdoor wedding. It serves a snack before having dinner. You can select fuss-free appetizer options.

The foods such rolled sandwiches can be the alternative. Shrimp cocktails may be possible. Another preference is fresh fruit or vegetable trays.

Custom Sandwich Bar and Pasta Bar

You can choose custom foods for your wedding menu. Your own sandwich bar will be ready to serve. The foods will be on various diets and eat plans.

Pasta bars become a wedding favorite. Many people enjoy pasta. The various pasta salads will create a great backyard wedding reception.

DIY Dessert Stations for S’mores

The backyard wedding is great to have S’mores. You can set up s’mores station for your menu options. Complete the station near an outside of fire pit.

You can provide a waiter to serve ice cream. You are better to offer an assortment of toppings.

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Barbeque Package Best Backyard Wedding Food

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The best food ideas for a backyard wedding reception may be the barbeque. It is great for a small and intimate wedding. You need to ensure the size crowd of your serving.

You must be sure in your preparation. The ideas of the barbeque are various. You will have a full or partial potluck. Catered barbeque is possible.

Full potluck needs your guests to bring all the dishes. They have to bring their own meat for the grill.

Another one is the partial potluck. You must provide both meat and the wedding cake. You need to prepare the side dish for the party.

The last is catered one. You must hire an outside caterer. They will provide meat and side dishes for your wedding.

The barbeque reception should have drink options. They have to be available for all ages. The couples should keep guests refreshed and hydrated.

You can offer creative items at your drink station. You may add some objects like milk crates, barrels and picnic tables.

Several drinks may be good. You can have Iced tea or soda to complete the barbeque. Fresh or flavored water may be possible.

The lemonade and wine will be expensive. You can change them to other signature cocktails.

Buffet Menu for Cheaper and Formal Backyard Wedding

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The backyard wedding buffet menu is great for your formal wedding. A buffet is cheaper than giving for each plate. The buffet can be the best choice for your guests.

Your guests can pick what food they like.  You can provide some great buffet as the entrée options.  It is good to include chicken breasts and roasted turkey. The prime rib or beef tenderloin would be great.

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Those are backyard wedding reception food ideas. We have mentioned several ideas for the backyard menu. We hope it is worth for you to read.


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