Are you searching for the Affordable Wedding Venues in Northeast Ohio? Ohio becomes one of the first destinations for a wedding ceremony or reception. It offers various themes and characteristics of the wedding venues. The wedding venues in Ohio can bring you many nuances. It will depend on the venue that you choose.

Defining a wedding is classical. You must prepare all things perfectly. One of them is choosing the affordable wedding venue. You may not worry. Ohio has many wedding venues with the affordable place.

8 Most Inspiring Wedding Venues at Northeast Ohio

You can read this article. We share some inspiring wedding venues in Ohio offering the cheap price. This will enhance your planning for the wedding. Follow the most inspiring cheap wedding venues in Northeast Ohio for ceremony and reception.

Enchanting DeLuca’s Place for Tent Wedding Theme

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Some people prefer to choose the wedding with the tent. You can choose a kind of park destination. The DeLuca’s Place is one of the most inspiring venues. This area offers the enchanting atmosphere in the Park. It is full of the trees with beautiful spaces in Lorain, Ohio.

Your wedding celebration will be full of lovable property and atmosphere. It provides the Oak Room and other options for your wedding. They can accommodate the guests up to 559 people. This area has an affordable rental fee. It starts at $1500 for the rental venue. The wedding package will start at $4,215 to $8,053 per 100 guests.

Picturesque Executive Caterers Wedding at Landerhaven

You can get the Executive Caterers at Landerhaven with six different venues. This area offers the picturesque and remarkable venues for reception and ceremony. They offer the full accommodations and amenities for services. This area can give you the sophistication and luxury.

You can set the indoor and outdoor wedding situation. It brings you to get up to 600 guests. This area is perfect with no rental fee. You must spend the money for a wedding package. The average cost is at $8,778 to $32,655 for every 100 guests.

Fabulous Indoor Setting at Cleveland Marriott Downtown

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The Cleveland Marriott Downtown can make your indoor wedding fabulous. The situation in this area becomes the centerpiece at the Key Center. This ballroom offers the breathtaking venues for the ceremony.

The Tower Lobby creates the scenic views to be the backdrop. You may choose the Grand Ballroom with a dramatic backdrop. It is full of the accents. You can get the special price at inexpensive wedding venues in northeast Ohio.

Deer Ridge Golf Club: Airy Outdoor and Stunning Indoor

The Deer Ridge Golf Club offers the combination of the airy outdoor and stunning indoor wedding. You can choose this area for some benefits. This place offers two types of wedding venues.

Outdoor Venues with Serene Ponds and Lush Fairways

The outdoor venue in this Deer Ridge offers the combination of serene ponds and lush fairways. This place becomes the premier setting of a country club. You can find the location with three lines of the golf greenery. This area can be an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception up to 250 guests.

Indoor Clubhouse Setting

Do you prefer to set the rustic wedding venues Northeast Ohio in indoor place? This Deer Ridge offers the Clubhouse Setting. You can find the romantic clubhouse with a mixture of the romance and classic. This indoor area overlooks the outdoor spaces that bring airy room. You can choose this area for up to 250 guests.

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The rental fees for indoor and outdoor venues are very affordable. It will range at $350 to $850 for rental venue only. Do you want to get the wedding package? It is available at $3,717 to $8,130 for 100 people.

Hosting Luxurious Wedding at Guy’s Party Center

Guy’s Party Center is popular to be the luxurious wedding venue with an inexpensive rental fee. This ballroom offers the combination of gold and purple for a romantic wedding setting. You can choose this Akron premier venue for celebrating your special moment.

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This venue offers the remarkable and distinctive situation. They provide the full-service solution for wedding package at $4,050 to $7,488. The fee is for 100 guests only. You can set the wedding venue for up to 400 guests.

Lavish Makoy Center for Natural Outdoor Setting

Setting the outdoor wedding will be full of lush and lavish nuance. The Makoy Center can create the different outdoor wedding. It provides the wide lawn with lush greenery to be the backdrop. The beautiful places to get married in Ohio enhance the natural atmosphere.

This area offers the full service with property and wedding package. You can request for some options. The rental fee and wedding package in this place range at $2,922 to $7,595. Those are for about 100 guests.

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The NEW Center: Grand Ballroom for Intimate Gatherings

Do you look for the grand ballroom for 700 guests? The NEW Center is a perfect choice. This ballroom is in the Northeast Ohio for intimate gatherings. Many couples prefer this venue. This can realize the dream-wedding nuance. The grand ballroom is very large for up to 400 guests.

The design of this ballroom is chic and exciting. It offers the delicate for a wedding in the affordable price. They offer the special wedding package only. Per 100 guests, you must pay $5,000 to $8,200.

Combining Elegance and Antiqueness at Severance Hall

The Severance Hall in Ohio offers the elegance and antiqueness. This is part of the beautiful concert spot at the Cleveland Orchestra. You can host an indoor wedding with full honor. This area can give a magnificent intimate wedding.

You can choose the Concert hall or Reinberger Chamber hall to be the venue. They can accommodate 250 guests. It may be the large or small intimate wedding venues Ohio. The elegance and antique style make this wedding venue preferable. This area is available for the rental venue. The price starts at $3,900.

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There should be no confusion choosing the wedding venues in Northeast Ohio. Ohio can bring your wedding full of sophistication and elegance. Many couples prefer to choose this area. It has affordable prices. The Affordable Wedding Venues in Northeast Ohio can make your wedding full of happiness.



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