Do you ever get the offering on affordable wedding venues In Illinois? Many people are looking for the cheap wedding venue. Illinois, Chicago has many popular wedding venues. The costs will range at $300 to $3,000. You may get the affordable place in the simple wedding.

You can look for some suggestions in this article. We provide 10 top lists for comprehensive wedding venues. You can select the lists for your astounding wedding moment.

How to Choose the Affordable Venues for Astounding Wedding

You may dream of getting the affordable wedding venues in Illinois. It may not be a dream. You can realize that dream. Read this article to know the tips for the indoor and cheap outdoor wedding venues in Illinois. They will make an astounding wedding moment.

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Thinking Outside of the Box

You may not only think of a wedding center. Many buildings provide the unique wedding setting. You can choose them for gaining unique wedding setting. They are:


You may find many restaurants in Illinois for wedding venues. They offer a high rate of the prices. However, you may find the affordable restaurant for wedding venues. They are Morris Chop Shop and Osteria Via Stato.


Some universities are available for wedding venues in Illinois. The most popular wedding venue is the Loyola University. It is in the Lake Shore spot.

Historic Buildings

The popular historic buildings in Illinois are Historic Downtown Oak Park and InterContinental Magnificent Mile.

Expanding the Geographical Searching

Illinois has various indoor and outdoor wedding centers. They will probably have the high rates of prices. You can search for the cheap wedding venues in other parts of Illinois. You can expand your way to explore the geographical searching in Illinois.

Hosting the Friday and Sunday or the Off-Season

Those offseasons will commonly give discounts. Their rates will be low with certain discount in the non-peak booking season.

Top 7 Inexpensive Wedding Venues in Illinois

We will show the top 7 inexpensive wedding venues in Illinois for an astounding moment. The lists can help you select the right one on a budget.

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The Carleton Hotel: Timeless Elegant Wedding

This hotel is in the historic downtown of the Oak Park in Chicago. The Carleton Hotel offers the timeless elegance. You can select the 5-different rooms for rent. They include the simple ballroom.

The cost of rental venue in the ballrooms is very affordable. It starts at $150 for a small intimate wedding. You can get the wider one for $300. The additional charge may offer depending on the package.

Unique Wedding Venue at Loyola University

Every couple may choose a university to be the wedding venue. You can choose the Loyola University in Illinois. This university offers the beautiful academic setting of any reception.

You can hold the wedding ceremony or reception starting at $2,200. It is available for the venue overlooking the Lake from center Lobby. The capacity is for 120 guests. You may get the McCormick Donovan Lodge for 130 guests. It starts at $3,400.

Illinois Beach: Picturesque Outdoor Wedding

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Illinois Beach Resort offers the picturesque outdoor wedding venues Illinois. It has outdoor spot waterfront. You can set the beautiful venue with ocean views. It gives a natural and romantic look.

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This wedding venue is available for up to 250 guests. It is available for the indoor and outdoor wedding. You can rent the venue at $125 – $1,000. It is very affordable, isn’t it?

19th Century Club with Rustic Setting

You may find this century Club 19th in the Oak Park. It provides the beautiful Landmark building in Illinois. The club offers the excellent Margaret Houck Ballroom. This ballroom offers the rustic chandeliers. It gives plenty lights with warm floor design.

This landmark building can offer the venue for up to 410 guests. You can get the affordable rental fee. It starts at $700 – $3,500 depending on the guests and package.

Natural Harborside International in the Golf Center

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The Harborside International offers the natural Golf Center in Illinois. This center offers the awesome ballroom with panoramic views. You can set the indoor and outdoor wedding.

The outdoor venue offers the wonderful Chicago City Skyline. It gets the Lake Calumet to be the backdrop. You may host the wedding reception at this venue for 5 hours. The rental fee is very cheap at $500. It provides the mansion wedding venues in Illinois.

Wondrous Patio Wedding at Ruffled Feathers Golf Club

Do you ever dream of having a wedding on the patio? You can find it at Ruffled Feathers Golf Club. This golf club offers the impeccable outdoor venue and service. You can host the ceremony or reception under the patio.

This venue is very beautiful and extraordinary for a small wedding. You can have the Alfresco cocktail at the night reception. Some complementary in the venue gives the best choice.

You may get this venue in the affordable budget. You may not need to rent the venue. it is available to get wedding package in this golf club at $5,988 to $10,268. This price is for 100 people or guests.

Luxurious Trump International Wedding

Set the luxurious wedding venue in the Trump International hotel. This hotel offers the fabulous ballroom or elegance and sophistication. All guests can enjoy the high levels of the luxury and hospitality. You may enjoy the Chicago skyline through the great ceiling design.

Do you want to host a wedding in this hotel? It is very easy and inexpensive. You can choose the Grand Foyer Grand Ballroom for the best cocktail hour and reception. they give ultimate services. The decorating systems of the ballroom include the curve walls, awesome chandelier, and cream tones. The Chicago wedding venues on a budget bring full of elegance.

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You may get this Trump International as the luxurious wedding for 250 guests. It is available for the rental venue on budget. You must get the wedding package. The rate is $40,299 to $47,531 for 100 people.

Those are the top7 wedding venues in Illinois on budget. They are for the astounding wedding. You can get those Affordable Wedding Venues In Illinois for best moment. The limit of budgets is now not a matter for hosting a wedding.


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