Do you want to get the Affordable Wedding Venues in AZ? Arizona is famous with its tourism destination. You can host a wedding celebration or ceremony in that city. Many outdoor and indoor venues are perfect for wedding venues. They will give excellent wedding plan.

What do you think of Arizona? Arizona has many spots or area. There are Phoenix, Scottsdale, and other places. You can get some lists of a cheap wedding in Arizona. It may include the fees for rental venue and package.

Most Excellent Wedding Venues in Arizona under $1000

Do you want to find the cheap wedding venues in Arizona under $1000? You must read this article. We have some lists of the affordable venues. They are available for the indoor and outdoor wedding.

wedding venues in Arizona under $1000
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Natural Wedding at Oakwood IronOaks Sun Lakes

You may image to have your special day at IronOaks Sun Lakes. The wedding day is available at the Oakwood Country Club. This place is available for indoor and outdoor reception or ceremony.

Outdoor Wedding Venue with Lake Views

You can set the beautiful outdoor wedding with lake views. It brings fresh and natural backdrop and atmosphere. This venue can accommodate 170 guests for the outdoor ceremony.

Charming Indoor Wedding Ballroom

You can invite up to 300 guests for an indoor reception. The indoor ballroom offers the remarkable suite for the bridal. It brings Oakwood structure. The decoration may be flawless.

You can rent the indoor or outdoor venue in affordable costs. The rental fee of the venue is about $1.5000 for 5 hours. You may prefer to wedding package at $8,019 to $11,413.

Historic Church Wedding in Taco Guild

Taco Guild is a Mexican Restaurant in the US. This place has a sense of the nostalgic nuance. You can enjoy the historic church venue. The unique wedding venues in Arizona will bring the neighborhood friendly area. Taco Guild offers the indoor reception with banquet wedding style.

unique wedding venues in arizona
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It brings the fresh culinary for 130 guests. You can rent this venue affordably. It is only $200 to $700 for 2/3 hours. The additional charge may offer. You can get the affordable wedding package. It is $3,258 to $6,190 for 100 guests.

Creative Living Fellowship for Romantic Wedding

This Creative Living Fellowship offers the romantic wedding. This interdenominational center is the sacred atmosphere for tranquil and love. You can offer the inclusive and open wedding in Central Phoenix.

You can enjoy the mature lush and landscape trees. This wedding venue can accommodate 215 for an indoor ceremony. The indoor reception is available for 220 guests. You should pay for venue rental $300 – $600 for 4 hours.

Lush Japanese Friendship Garden

Find the lush garden venue for your wedding day. You can get the Creative Living Fellowship in Phoenix. This place offers the traditional stroll garden. It is a lavish outdoor venue for an informal wedding. This place may be the best spot for contemplation and meditation.

Do you want to rent the outdoor wedding venues Phoenix AZ? This is available for rent. It starts at $300 – $1,700 for 2-4 hours. The cost is for renting the venue with some additional charges. You can get the wedding package at $1,300 to $1,610 for 100 people.

outdoor wedding venues phoenix az
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Ultimate SanTan Brewing Company Indoor Wedding

Do you ever hear SanTan Brewing Company in Arizona? This company offers an ultimate ballroom for banquet wedding. You can get the laidback and unique time. This fusion catering blends the brewery full of the style and innovation. You can get the rustic elements in the ballroom. It provides with the brick wall and vintage touches.

The rental fee is very affordable. You may only pay free venue rental fee. You should get the wedding package. It includes the food and beverage. The cost of wedding package will be $2,075 to $6,129 for 100 guests.

Unique Boat Wedding at Desert Belle Tour

Do you expect unique wedding style? The Desert Belle Tour can be a perfect choice. This boat is available for rent to be a wedding venue. The lake views surround the boat venue. You can get this impressive venue in Saguaro Lake, Arizona.

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The minimal cost for the rental venue is $1,500. It is available for 2 hours. You can get additional charges. The wedding package is around $3,478 to $8,538 for around 100 guests. It may be small wedding venues Arizona.

small wedding venues arizona
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Simple Wedding at Chapel in Valley Phoenix

You can plan or host a simple wedding at the Chapel in Valley, Phoenix. This chapel offers the affordable cost for a rental fee. It brings the beautiful setting with warm nuance. You can get the picturesque indoor and outdoor venues.

This chapel looks like a church and temple. You can invite 60 guests to be the maximum people. The rental fee is very affordable at $400 for 4 hours.

McQueen Park Activity Center: Welcoming Wedding

You can tuck the wedding charm in the McQueen Park Activity Center. This center offers the welcoming atmosphere. You can plan the adaptable wedding with great facilities. This center provides the unique architecture building.

The event center involves the community center to be the ballroom.  You can choose this area for indoor reception and ceremony. It is available to accommodate 225 guests. The rental fee of the venue is very cheap. It is about $108-175 per one hour.

Beautiful Alwun House Outdoor Wedding

The Alwun House is a popular beautiful venue in Phoenix. This outdoor venue can bring the vibrant facility and nuance. You can choose indoor and outdoor wedding. Al settings are for happiness and love.

This venue can accommodate 150 guests. This is amazing. You should rent this area for the affordable price. It will be at $1,000 / 12 hours. You will love the rustic wedding venues in Arizona.

rustic wedding venues in arizona
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Fascinating Freestone Recreation Center

The Freestone Recreation Center is fascinating for the wedding day. This venue is in the Northern Gilbert. You can book this center for your wedding day. This building offers the unique structure for delightful gathering.

You may get the hospitable and ultimate captures for a special moment. This is great to get this cheap wedding venue. You can reach the rental venue at $55 / hour. This is very affordable. The center can accommodate up to 80 guests.

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The concept of a cheap wedding in Arizona is dependable. You can set the indoor and outdoor wedding. The Affordable Wedding Venues in AZ can help you set the excellent moment day.


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