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Mix and Match Your Gold Prom Dresses

October 10, 2011 By: masterweb Category: Prom Dresses

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Mix and Match Gold Prom Dresses 1

There are plenty of girls who can find something to show her sense of high design quality when it comes to prom dresses, let say gold prom dresses for example. After you pick your one of many options of gold prom dresses, next you need to pick the right accessories to complete your appeal for your prom party. So, what accessories ought to be thought about to give the gold dress? There are some points that you need to focus on for your prom accessories.

The first is shoes. Choose your prom shoes according to the prom dress length. If you choose long skirts gold prom style is not paramount as no is going to see them anyway, so put comfort first. For high-and-low gold prom dresses or short gold prom dresses, pick prom shoes and hose that will complement your legs and feet. Open toe prom shoes with flesh or light-colored hose look divine with slender legs. If your legs are heavy or giant in the calves, and you need to emphasize your lower legs, pick closed toe prom shoes with dark colored hose.

Mix and Match Gold Prom Dresses 2

Second is handbag. Few gold prom dresses come with prepared made matching bags, so you need to pick that matches. It doesn’t have to be the same color, the colors ought to be from the same part of the color wheel so they complement another, or they must be from opposite ends to contrast another. More importantly, try to discover a handbag whose material matches that of your dress. For your gold dress, you can pick silver clutch.

The last is jewelries. When choosing a metal, first look at your dress. If it’s metallic accents, match the metal that is already there. If there’s none then it is your choice. Think about this: gold make earth tones pop while sliver does the same for pastels. In the event you are wearing a low neckline dress, wear a long necklace to fill it but stick to smaller studs in your ears. If your neckline is short, wear a choker or no necklace at all and you can go all out along with your earnings. After finishing your compliment for your gold prom dresses, be prepared to attend your prom party.

terani p123 sweetheart neckline gold prom dress

Mix and Match Gold Prom Dresses 4

terani p123 2 sweetheart neckline gold prom dress

Mix and Match Gold Prom Dresses 6

gold black prom dress

celestina moonlight loop clutch

2011 MacDuggal Gold Prom Dresses 3499Main IMG 9533

black and gold high heels

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